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Plants in my 1st soil recipe are still alive after 5 days.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Buba Blend, Jul 19, 2017.

    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Hi Bubba's girl
    I wish I had added gypsum at the beginning and each month after that. It would have probably saved some fan leaves from drying up on the no-till pots.
    I look forward to next grow doing the ro and ro + tap along with fresh soils vs the depleted no-till. I have done most of my growing in 3 gallon containers. I'll be moving to more 5 gallon containers next grow.

    Around me most supermarkets sell it from machines for $.25 a gallon. Walmart and other store usually have it. There is also a water store near me that sells for the same price and will steam clean the jugs for free. Both are good RO water. Before getting my machine I would do it that way, take my jugs and fill them.
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    Bubba's girl

    Bubba's girl Well-Known Member

    Hey Buba Blend, any reason you don't grow in larger pots? Most organic growers seem to go 10 gals and up.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    If I was going to experiment with a no-till again I would definetely us large pots or beds for soil. I would not recommend anyone try it the way I did it this time.
    For me next grow 3 and 5 gallon will work with a short veg time and I'm not topping next grow.
    If I was in a place like Canada where I was limited to 4 plants I would use the larger 10 gallon pots and veg longer for bigger plants.
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Was bummed about missing the gypsum. The calcium damage stopped about 10 days after applying the gypsum. Could be the demand for calcium dropped after the stretch ended making everything manageable now.
    The good news is my leaves look good overall. Should be able to ride it out the rest of the way.
    Some plants topped and in the no-till show the damage from the calcium deficiency.
    Some of the smaller plants that were not topped are looking good.

    RO and tap mixed to 150ppms and a few drops of cal mag + the rest of the way till harvest.

    Pictures are at 8 weeks 1 day from flip. Still looking at 3 to 5 weeks left.

    100_7148.JPG 100_7147.JPG 100_7149.JPG 100_7150.JPG 100_7155.JPG 100_7156.JPG 100_7158.JPG
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    9 1/2 weeks since flip.

    One plant is finishing earlier than the rest. The crystals on it look like they are close to becoming cloudy under my 60x handheld scope. It's a plant that I started in a 5 gallon pot with 2 gallons of my 2nd soil mix on the bottom and on top I dropped a 3 gallon no-till in it.

    I also under watered this plant. It was only watered 6 times by mid flower. I'll put together details later. I have many pictures from different stages and dates of when it was watered. Since about the 6th watering I began watering it more frequently. I did not think it would finish well if I continued to under water.

    I will be doing most if not all plants next grow in 5 gallon pots.

    Here is a picture of the plant that the crystal pictures below are from, it is the well lit plant, the tall plant on the left is the one I suspected earlier is going to be the last to finish.

    It is finishing evenly, this picture is the lowest bud on the plant.

    Same plant. Crystal pictures from the middle and top.

    100_7347.JPG 100_7353.JPG 100_7360.JPG 100_7370.JPG

    This plant topped and in a 3 gallon no-till is in the worst visible shape. Buds look good, hope it finishes well.


    Happy Growing!

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