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Powdery Mildew Mothers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by mr.smileyface, Apr 9, 2010.


    Essex Active Member

    baking soda is not much use it manly just rases the ph to kill it, milk is very effective and I wouldnt have thought it would cause a problem that early, It does cause a slight nute def but it fixes up PM realy well and plants bounce back in a few days.

    I would look into a desiccant wheel dehumidifyer as these work in a low temp enviroment with low power consuption, a normal dehumidifyer will need you to heat the room to work it at a decent extraction rate,

    sulpher pots will win ya battle but are a bit toxic and overkill IMO ya just need to get ya RH to 50% or under to avoid this prob :-)

    slvthc Member

    I read somewhere that direct sunlight is a PM inhibitor. If you have enough lights going, will that get rid of PM? Can anyone confirm this?

    BluffinCali Well-Known Member

    I've had plants with mild pm planted outdoors that cleared up but I also treated them with milk wash or new favorite for PM Mites & Mildew. Few applications 2-3 days apart in mid-late veg never came back. My set up I run fairly low RH, 25-35% which isn't ideal for other aspects but humidity has never been my issue, just new cuts. Either not quarantined long enough or trusted friend that I put into rotation only to show pm shortly after. Crazy how pm resistant some strains are. Reason I commented on this old thread is I just got pm first time in cpl years on my momma Dosido which I will be taking cuts from after she receives her 4th application of M&M. Lucky enough I have spare tent I keep for testing and extra males I plan on using to flower out the clones. I can say Purple Punch at least visually is incredibly resistant. Had affected leaves from Dosi literally touching multiple spots and she's never shown a sign down to about 100x mag for any spores or beginnings of fungal. Just my experience, none of this is fact as I really only dealt with PM handful of times over the years. Not an ideal situation but I can't lose this particular Dosi cut, not nor cal cut but special one kept fairly tight. My opinion on above question is No more lights will not kill PM. I can't provide any actual knowledge just my common sense leans that way. Try Mites and Mildew for PM, 2 apps I think works but I still did 3-5. I can't speak to it's efficacy against mites haven't had them in very long time, knock on wood but I'd use a blend of essential oils both as preventative and treatment. Please nobody pass off moldy/mildew or harsh chemically treated flowers to anyone besides yourself if your willing. It can really end up hurting someone who is sick or perfectly healthy person. I know for some it's mostly about that coin but decency will be rewarded, if not with luck or karma, just the knowledge you've done the right thing. Maybe, just maybe you've helped keep someone healthy or not agitate an already depleted immune system of a person truly sick. Clean meds, hope rest of my fellow Cali natives are ready cause times will be changing. Side note I was completely wrecked writing this off a combo of Chemwrecker and Blissful Wizard flowers, touch of W. Cake rosin also. Typical ramble...

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