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Quantum Boards Across The Pond In The UK

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by zypheruk, Mar 1, 2017.


    key4 Member

    Excellent growing skills. That is a proper scrog, shame about the empty space but still be a great yeild.

    Im interested in how the quality is compared to hps or cobs .

    Atb with the last bit. bongsmilie
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @key4 I took a sample of the critical+2.0 last week, buds dried hard as bricks, a little squeeze and bang the aroma is strong sweet lemon mixed with pine. Cut another in half to see how they look and I'm impressed solid and full of little crystals. Instant racy head high for about 1 hour then slap body stone. On the inhale you get an mouth full of tasty lemon with a blast of spice, on exhale you get all three flavours, almost tastes like your eating it, taste stays on your lips for a good while. It will be a lot smoother and tastier in a months time after a proper cure. Any muscle pains etc just disappear in an instant. Smoke to much well shit your gonna be on the big white elephant praying to god you don't die from a whitey
    Dinafems Critical+2.0 never disappoints.

    Quality compared to HPS won't even bother to compare, not worth my time.
    Quality compared to cobs there is nothing worth noting, both do the same job.

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    top job! great pics too :leaf:(: i was sure you needed your boards closer but obvs not!

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @lukio if running the boards below 100 watts or less you can keep them real close to the canopy. But then that kills light spread, (great for veg). 200 watts + 30 inches and they are happy. Trust me I have tried every combination before settling on what actually works for me.
    If anyone wants to run these boards soft and close to the canopy in a 4x4 tent then to get enough spread wall to wall in my opinion you will need 6 boards, I don't give a shit about readings the plants have the final say. We ain't growing electronics.
    So when I finish my new cab 5ftx long 3x wide x 7ft high I will be adding four more boards and should never need more than 400/500 watts from the wall for my style of growing.
    But everyone will run their boards in different configurations and that's the fun part, finding what will or what won't work.
    Will update the diary again with some harvested pics of the Dinafem Critical+2.0 as I chop. Will follow up with the Dinafem Amnesia Kush when it's ready.
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    CouchGouch Well-Known Member

    Absolutely mate, I'm following your grow closely on a couple of forums as I have 4 critical +2.0 and 2 black D.O.G under 1000w of cobs, just added 600w this weekend. The whole canopy was sitting about 18 inches below the lights (I haven't scrogged yet as I badly fkd the main stems on the BD so was letting them heal). The C+ thrived, no bleaching and the picture of health, the BD were bleached and tacod badly. Initially I thought they needed more light so added another 200w, but it was the opposite. I raised the bars on the BD by about 15 inches and are now reaching up praying, still bleached but looking more vibrant and wanting light. The C+ are loving it at 18"

    I don't know why but I think reading the plant is key, the BD are a couple of weeks older so you would imagine they would soak up more.

    However, the C+ are in bubble buckets and the BD ar in 60/40 coco/hydroton mix hand watered. So it's not exactly a side by side.

    Anyway, not even sure if this is relevant loving but your grow man, all the best! x
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Dinafem Critical+2.0 Day 60 12/12 in flush. Grown under Quantum Board LED's. Purple starting to show nice now.
    Lights on temp 24c, Lights off temp 18c. This bud is only about 5 inches long smallest I could find in the canopy for this photo.
    Dinafem Critical+2.0.jpg

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Dinafem Amnesia Kush Chop Day 64 12/12
    This is a shot from the top layer of the scrog, that I chopped this morning.
    They are sitting on the kitchen work top so 2.5ft width and 2ft depth. Shot at 20mm.
    Should give some idea of what leds can produce.

    lukio Well-Known Member

    nom nom nom very nice!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Sick of trimming the critical, my hands just cant coupe with fine structural buds anymore, whatever is left off it can go towards making oil.
    The amnesia kush is a quicker plant to trim, really dense nugs and less foliage. Must find some other strains with similar nugs to leaf ratio.

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Got pissed off so lights off and out of the tent, both plant trunks cut at the base and net gets flipped upside down, hang their bitches till I can be arsed lol. Shot on the mobile phone no idea what setting it was on, so colours are a tad fubar.
    Just one of them weeks and its only Tuesday.
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    I found Dinafem OG Kush has a good bud to leaf ratio. Pretty fast finisher too.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @coreywebster funny you should say that, a clone is currently in the bubble bucket for next round, along with some G13 Labs Blue Cindy. Just hope the bubble buckets work out this time now that I'm 100% led there is a lot less heat to deal with, fingers crossed.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Good luck man, hopefully conditions will be perfect. I would be interested to see how a fuller spectrum effects rooting. Maybe they will be extra quick if all else is optimum. Keep us posted!
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    kcir916 Member

    those colors are lovely.
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