Reserva Privada Kosher Kush - Smoke/Grow Report

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    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Hi gang!
    It's time for another medical marijuana report from closed4fishing.

    Strain: Kosher Kush (Feminized)
    Breeder: Reserva Privada
    Grower: closed4fishing
    Grow Info:
    I received 6 seeds in my order. 5 of 6 popped and grew out super easy. They were vegged under 400W MH for a few weeks and then flowered under 1000W HPS for 65-70 days, with the last 4 days in a dark closet with no light. These were grown in the following mix:
    • 60% Roots Organic
    • 10% Happy Frog
    • 20% Perlite
    • 10% Light Warrior
    They were all fed Fox Farm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom. They were only fed when needed as the soil was a bit hotter than usual. Each of the plants yielded almost 2 oz. The one that was topped is still going and should yield over 2oz. Each plant was almost identical in growth, smell and taste. This seems like a very homogenous and stable strain.

    Cure at time of smoke test:
    14 days

    Bag Appeal: It will only be in jars but it's frosty as a snowman! Almost looks like snow on the top of the plant!

    Very much like OG18 keeper phenos. Maybe a little more piney but very stinky! I think there is a bit of a fuel smell in there too but it's hard to label the smell.

    Exactly like the smell. The taste on these is up there with my favorite OG18 pheno. If you like a long lasting taste, then this is for you.

    The effect on these is immediate and long lasting. It definitely will sit you back in your chair or put you on the couch. If you only take one or two rips, you may be motivated and you'll find that 2-3 hours passes by rather quickly. If you smoke a couple bowls, you might as well just kick back with some chips and soda because you aren't going to be doing very much. Two bong loads and I'm headed for a nap, but one bong load and I'm jamming on the guitar or playing Battlefield 3 :-P

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Possible Medical Uses
    Insomnia (in high doses)
    back/neck pain (in medium/high doses)
    appetite (in high dose)
    Stress relief (any dose)
    Stomach problems/nausea (any dose)

    Final Thoughts:
    This strain was super easy to grow. It required very little attention and didn't need all that many nutrients either. I'd say if you like the Kush then you'll like the Kosher Kush. Potent, beautiful and easy to grow, that combination is a winner in my book.

    Questions? Just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

    Hope you enjoyed my report. If you could spare a little +rep for a brotha, I'd certainly appreciate it.
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    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    looks very og... probly more so then the 18 ive seen around..
    nice work!

    wheezer Well-Known Member

    yea man looks good. Just flipped my room to bloom....5 Koshers in there..

    hattowndank Active Member

    SO FROSTY, seems like kosher kush has all the buzz right now for a good reason, amazing plants and nice report too im very excited to grow some kusher in the future! rep+ :bigjoint:

    tryingtogrow89 Well-Known Member

    Any hermie problems with these seeds?

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    I didn't have any hermie problems with any of the 5 female seeds. I've run lots of Reserva Privada and DNA feminized seeds and have only seen a banana once or twice.

    tryingtogrow89 Well-Known Member

    Thaks man, one more for you, have you grown their purple wreck?

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    No problem. Yes I've grown the Purple Wreck, still have a couple seeds left too. I ran the regular version though about 2 years ago. I think I have a review of it on another forum which I won't mention. They locked it because they don't allow Reserva Privada reviews, but you can still view it. I also have pictures of it in my photobook album which you can view by clicking any of the images in my original post.

    I grew it in a bcnl hydro box though so it didn't have much taste. When I grow my last few seeds they will be in soil. I don't do hydro at all anymore because it seems to make most bud taste bland. To me at least.....

    Ron Paul 2012! :bigjoint:
    Island Sweet Skunk

    Island Sweet Skunk Member

    Wow , very nice pictures of that kosher C4F. I wish mine turned out like that.

    jdmlove Well-Known Member

    + rep closed4fishing.
    Just in time I wanted to place an order for some of these but I think ima just orders one of there promo seeds and get the kosher kushfor free cant beat a free 6 pack of fem.. :D

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    What happened to yours? Different results?
    Island Sweet Skunk

    Island Sweet Skunk Member

    Yes very different results. I sprouted four beans and they were the one of the worst herms I grew. I figured I could let them veg. for a while since they were fems, but after 3 months or so they all popped male pollen sacks. I do have a monster og18 from awhile back that is some of the best I've smoked. I'm just very disappointed in DNA for sending out untested beans that cost a fortune. GL on your future grows and peace.

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Did you get your seeds from a reputable place and still in breeder packs? I've rarely seen even a few banannas from DNA or Reserva Privada.
    I've grown the following feminized strains from DNA/RP - Lemon Skunk, OG18, Sharksbreath, Cole Train, Sour Diesel, Sour Kush, RKS, Purple Wreck, Kosher Kush, Kandy Kush (20), Confidential Cheese, LA Confidential and Chocolope. I'd be disappointed if I were you because they usually have good seeds in my experience. I hope you have better luck next time!!!

    tryingtogrow89 Well-Known Member

    How long you usually vegg your plants man?
    Island Sweet Skunk

    Island Sweet Skunk Member

    Yea I got them on their first release from where everyone goes to. I was wondering if you got them from the same batch. I swore up and down about DNA also till this happened. Basically I got a $100 dollar DNA t shirt.

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Ouch man that sucks! I got them from the same place you did, and got the T-shirt too. They were part of the first batch too as far as I know. I hope you have better luck next time man. I know what a pain hermies can be! I just had a pack of Tahoe OG seed my entire perpetual grow (everything in flower room). Good luck on your next grow! Peace.

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    It depends on the strain. Sativa dominant strains typically get vegged to about 12-16 inches. Indica dominant typically go to 20-30 inches. Most plants finish under 4-6ft.
    Island Sweet Skunk

    Island Sweet Skunk Member

    Hiya C4F thanks for the positive vibes and likewise back at ya. I learn my lesson on fems no matter how good I think the breeder is. I just don't understand how yours didn't herm? I talked to like four other ppl on here and theirs hermed also. Anyways thanks for being a cool cat unlike some of these other A-holes on here...Respect.

    Renne Active Member

    Nice grow Closed4fishing
    out of all the DNA gear you grew what was the best for flavor and yield
    I got some kosher and holly grail and og 18 sprouts comin up I grew the 18 b4 and really liked it I got a good cataract I have had around for almost 3 years now
    Thanks for any info
    cheers Renne
    Killer Bud

    Killer Bud Well-Known Member

    very nice grow! Im growing 2 now, I cant wait now after seeing this.

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