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See How The Government Is Spending Our Money

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rollitup, May 16, 2006.

    Comatose Kush

    Comatose Kush New Member

    .. Here's an idea if we all saved enough money to sustain our most basic needs (bread and water, etc) then all of us quite our job for 1 year to focus on writing New stories, new inventions, new economic and physics theories. The GDP would plummet, the government could not collect taxes, there would be zero economic output, the fed could not print New counterfeit fiat money as trade would be haunted. Goverments would disolve, the top 1 percents massive fiat wealth would be appropriated by the laws of logic. There would be 2 choices at that point. Redestribute the poker chips and share with the masses who had decided to indefinitely suspend game play. Or option 2 become angered and attack the worker bees beginning a war that would lead to the 2nd birth of 18th century America.. All from excersicing the right to assemble and taking a year off work.

    strainbank Active Member

    wow this is super cool! anyone done this yet i wanna see what it looks like!

    strainbank Active Member

    if you look at our world ranking in police state were just under china and north korea haha! russia and germany have less issues lol.
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    strainbank Active Member

    the voting process is rigged, look at gmo labeling. i think basically we're fucked. we need more people in the marijuana industry to open their pockets and support the tea party. it's hard to grow weed when youre in a fema re education camp.
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    AlbinoAcorn Member

    When I click on the clock link it says
    The requested page could not be found.... not sure why this thread is in the general growing section anyway.

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    unfortunately about 1/1000th of the country is capable of doing this. most people don't even know how to make bread, let alone plan for a whole year worth of food, and have the money to pay your mortgage.

    but i agree this would be a GIANT fuck you to our gov't, and a great feat for humans to start depending on themselves than just be mindless and go to work every day.
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    Oregon Gardener

    Oregon Gardener Well-Known Member

    Yes you have to make your vote count, but you also have get out there and make a fool of yourself and take a risk. Here in Oregon we took some not-so calculated risks. We all got some bumps and bruising.However, in the end; we won!

    Photo courtesy of the Hemp Fairy.

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    shake&bake Well-Known Member

    Cigarettes cost the tax payer 500 billion a year

    Alcohol costs the tax payer 250 billion a year

    Add the war into the equation that's another 80 billion plus the fact that our defense budget went up 400 billion since 911 if we could just stop stealing Afghanistan's Iraq's and Iran's oil and opium but that won't happen in this drug and car dependent country

    Imagine that in three simple steps we could save over 1 trillion dollars a year.

    Germany is number 3 on the GDP yet has the land mass of less than Texas anyone else see where I'm going with this I can't really say as it would be a life sentence
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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    wait,, what
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    ky man

    ky man Well-Known Member

    AMERICA has the best government that money can buy and the drug companies have the money and the DRs.thats the problem.ky

    haight Well-Known Member

    Not so much the doctors but rather the insurance companies. They are the money middleman between you and the doctors.
    Cannacopia Delight

    Cannacopia Delight Member

    In the year of 2014 exactly 700,993 individuals were arrested domestically for either using or selling cannabis out of the total 1,561,231 on drug charges. The entire war on drugs budget for that year was roughly $9.3 billion dollars. That means that state and federal government combined spent $5,956 dollars going after every individual using or selling pot. That equates to roughly $4.2 billion dollars just going after cannabis in the year of 2014. Then we have to look at the states who have legalized and taxed cannabis, Colorado made $86.7 million dollars in taxes from cannabis just last year. That means if we can assume every state will be as successful that would bring in $4.3 billion dollars a year back into all of our states. Then we have to look at those in state or federal prison for either using or trafficking cannabis, that number in 2012 (latest statistic) being roughly 40,000 inmates. On average the median cost of keeping one inmate in prison is $45,000/year. That adds up to around $1.8 billion dollars a year spent on keeping cannabis users and dealers in prison. All together by decriminalizing cannabis our entire country would save roughly $10.3 billion dollars a year and we'd have 40,000 individuals that could find jobs again thanks to the wiping of their criminal record.






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