Selling to the Michigan Dispensaries

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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Disoensaries are not paying shit anymore. I see this thread is like 6 years old..mmm those were the days. Occasional for top quality, lab tested, for rarer strains with big names, you can still fetch 3200, at least out of the dislensary game for some time now, but still have lots of relevant contacts. 4209 pretty much killed that game.

    phaquetoo Well-Known Member

    They say it could take upto a yr to get the big comm grows going, so I imagine growers are ramping it up for the move to legal grows of 500, 1000 or 1500 plants! takes alot of light to grow 500 plants!

    Im sure there will still be a way for people to get rid of overages! seed to sale lol, man that is gonna be one big cluster fuck!

    The law does say pt's can sell seeds and clones to growers or sellers!

    go into the cloning biz!

    I want to be the tester, I have a loupe, a few vapes, bongs and rollers! lol


    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Just seedlings/seeds phaq..just seeds lol. (Although im sure one coukd stretch that into clones with little resistance, but the high end once will have whole humidity rooms for this).But tbh, i know for a fact once those license begin to be issued, itll be 3-4 months tops before the first commercial harvest is rolled out, maybe even sooner. I also expect the avg street price to fall just a touch.some folks already have thier facilitys.
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    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Some prominent restuarautn owners around here lol wink wink
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    kingzt Well-Known Member

    Haha food and weed always goes together. I have been hearing a lot of he say, she say stuff but who really knows if it's true. Every time I go into the hydro store I ask to take the temperature of the situation but most the workers say the same thing. I believe the people that will be granted these licenses are the people in the backgrounds, like the restaurant owners, not the average grower. Regardless of the capital they have or can obtain. Why do you believe the street price will go down? The medicine that is grown commercially won't hit the streets, just the dispensaries.

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    Greed is a real thing for some people haha.
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    NurseNancy420 Well-Known Member

    Better read the laws close if you intend to sell clones to these big grows.. 72 plants for a CG... how u gonna legally have 500-1500 clones... oh new rule for clones? Any cannabis in ANY medium is counted
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    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    FYI newest bullshit case law in this state nullifying medicinal cannabis through ignorance and/or criminal conflict of interests: People v Ventura (August 16, 2016) - A cutting becomes a “plant” when it has a readily observable root system.

    What a fucking joke, elitist lawyers parsing the word "Plant" by simply referencing a dictionary as if propagation isn't a fundamental part of agricultural science. With any integrity these asshats would have referenced other state laws (something they are qualified to opine on) if they cared to understand how and why they are wrong. Just because this fundamental understanding of farming (spirit of the law) is absent in the wording of our law (letter of the law) does not mean it doesn't exist.

    Same problem/game we've witnessed in cases like People v Carruthers (extracts) and People v Brown (4th Amendment) or the general equivocation of LARA limits (2.5 ounce/12 plants) in order to criminalize medicinal cannabis no?



    Any Harvard and/or Yale lawyers (aristocrats) willing and able to take on this elitist institution or are we just going to keep fielding this current NORML team?
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    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    I have a dispensary in Detroit and one in traverse City. They buy my units for 3 and who cares what they sell it for. I've never seen their selections I'm in and out pretty fast

    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Get with the game peoples. You won't be able to grow or sell MJ any easier than you can distill whiskey and sell it to bars once the money comes into the game. This isn't about drugs, or medicine, or morality. It's about money and power.

    The politicians want the money and leo's want the power. The laws will swing back to prevent legal growing, and possession of un-taxed weed will be criminal (just like un-taxed cig's or alcohol).

    Sad. Enjoy it while you can. Smoke em if you got em.
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    NEEDMMASAP Well-Known Member

    Hi Nurse Nancy , Would like to talk to you about something , how can I get a hold of you ? PM ?

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I'm able to store a cutting, no medium, for weeks with no adverse issues. I dont know what a thousand might weigh, but the small cut I just weighed was less than gram.

    bj1 Member

    and when they start enforcing these laws they have thousands of growers registered! it should be easy to round up all the law breakers taking away their profit.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    here come the letter.....

    delstele Well-Known Member

    I will gladly go back under ground before I use Big Pharma meds. Anything the with big money involved IE: the Government is a fucked up mess. Just look at the states where it's legal now some of the meds are shit not what the % label states. They do not want real cannabis med's I have seen some pretty funked up so called med floating around..
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    kingzt Well-Known Member

    Everyone should take a stroll through the Canadian Med thread and read what commercialized pot looks like. Pretty sad up there for real. These places poisoning patients but in all honesty I'm sure there is a lot of meds floating around here too with high levels of carcinogens in them.
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    941mick Well-Known Member

    Its actually legally impossible....

    Only other licensed facilities will be able to transfer plants to one another, and you have to use the transportation companies. With seed to sale tracking you just cant get around it..... Essentially if you go into the nursery game you will be under the same license process and be under the same regulations as every other cultivation facility,
    Elwood Diggler

    Elwood Diggler Well-Known Member

    anyone know how the seed to sale works once the buds are off the plant? i dont see how anyone can keep track of where or what plant a 20 gal tote full of loose buds came from

    jammeswinston New Member

    Lots of cameras and separate company to transport the buds
    Elwood Diggler

    Elwood Diggler Well-Known Member

    transport has nothing to do with my question.. im talking about weight/quantity before transport. there 's no way in my mind to guarantee that the buds in the hyothetical tote all came from a paticular plant. their tracking system will fail and all the government will do is create a bigger black market which is happening in the legal markets now.

    the idea of a tracking system on a plant doesn't seem viable. the plants may be tracked but once the buds are off the plant and loose, i dont see anyway to match them to a paticular plant

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