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Something People Ought to Know

Discussion in 'Organics' started by mccumcumber, Jan 9, 2012.


    Joomby Well-Known Member

    The religion of Satan Has contributed to the least amount of religious deaths/murders! So if you think about it Satan worship is the nicest religion and let's face it he is god's rival, brother and blood,dont hate him because he's red and scary that's just racist
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    cannakis Well-Known Member

    Has it? The Religion of Satan teaches pedophilia and murder of innocence, to deceive and lie. The "religion of satan" has only been around since the 60s "officially", and Roman Catholicism has killed more True Servants of JESUS CHRIST than any other religion or people I believe. But that's the difference, The True Religion of JESUS CHRIST is True Love, Mercy, and Life for All no matter what, to give your life for All Others even your enemies, not condemnation which is what most "churches" preach. The True Religion of satan (not the politically correct "luciferianism", which Albert Pike was a defendant of the "institution of slavery", Aleister Crowley wrote in his "book of magic" directions for pedophilia to obtain their "energy", The Child's Innocence. FUCKING SICK!) but the Religion of satan is that of Theivery, Murder, and Death; satan is the father of lies. The Religion of satan has been All the Murderous religions that have existed during Every Age and within Every Culture, remember even JESUS'S own people murdered HIM. Haha and it's not racist, and they're not brothers, GOD created satan as an Angel of Light but he was rebellious and wished to be greater than GOD so he was cast to the earth, or as luciferianism teaches satan was trying give us the light but "evil" GOD wouldn't let him, and so there's been a war for Knowledge ever since... or is that all a lie?!?! Just saying, read "The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST according to John" (The Book of John) and see for yourself what JESUS CHRIST teaches. Not what Catholicism teaches, or Mormonism, or any other sect or religion. JESUS CHRIST is the True Religion of Love and Mercy for all. Don't be deceived, read for yourself. Because hey that's why satan gave his life for you, to expand your knowledge. Right?

    cannakis Well-Known Member

    in the Old Testament definitely, but that's the thing JESUS CHRIST fulfilled the law (the condemnation) and said HE doesn't condemn anyone Moses did that. Like I said Read, don't be deceived.

    Dmannn Member

    I haven’t read the whole threaf but “fresh” or “wet” manure or amendments may create heat when they begins to dry out. This is what “organic burn” comes from. The roots are cooking as the organic matter heats up because of decomposition, stunting or killing a plant.

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