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Stealth PC Dank Tank, Round 2, Bagseed

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by DankTankerous, Feb 15, 2016.


    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Thank you dude, I appreciate it! Honestly I don't know. I'm going to be moving in with my girlfriend in the next 3-4 months. So I'd like to bring it with me, but if I can't get w handle on the smell then I'll have a problem and will then have to upgrade to either a tall chest of drawers or cab. I do want to upgrade asap, but it will be a project over a few months. But as of right now my goal is to get the most out of this case, most light and all. It's pretty fun I must say.

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Yes it is a PC Tower, I don't know the exact specs, but they have them on my first page of my first grow... Sorry man I'm at work or else I'd just type it in
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Day 68 Flower Week 3 Day 4

    Wassup Y'all,

    I installed the fan above the lights thankfully. It looks great and i'm proud of it. Unfortunately putting the fan above the lights as an outtake fan and moving one of the intake fans higher and blowing on the lights still won't change the temps. However that's only when the soil container (I feel that to call it a pot, it must be round) is moved higher blocking the lower intake fan, where the lights are almost less than an inch away from the plants. I decided to take it down a couple inches and just keep it propped on the duct tape rolls, even though some parts of the plant are 6 inches away from the lights. The LED's that are on their way should help out with the lack of lumens the leaves that are 6 inches away from the bulbs. It'll be an added 60 watts and give it a good push in the second half of the flowering cycle. Anyways enjoy the pron

    IMG_0940.jpg IMG_0946.jpg IMG_0950.jpg IMG_0952.jpg IMG_0954.jpg IMG_0956.jpg IMG_0958.jpg IMG_0960.jpg

    fishdeth Well-Known Member

    Lookin good in there man !
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the encouragement man, I really appreciate it!

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Day 72, Flower Week 3 Day 7

    Wassup Y'all

    The plant is looking really great. It has gotten wider as well as taller. Maybe I underestimated the plant and the lights. Unfortunately, my LED lights won't be deliver till next wednesday. I got a notice in the mail from the place I order from (China) and they said it could be up to two weeks before I receive it. Then as a consolation prize they gave me this shitty gift, ceranwrap that goes over your remote? some how protects it? This is no april fools joke. Anyways, I hope those lights come in soon. The plant is half way in it's cycle, unless it's done by week 6, which I highly doubt. I'm really looking forward to getting the LED's in the case, I think it'll put to the right spot. I'd like to put some higher wattage lights in there, but I don't know if that will effect the temperature much more. I would think it would a little by like a degree or two, but I need to find a better way of cooling that case down. It's just baffling. Any suggestions? I flushed her tonight, which needed to be done. She hasn't been flushed at all and now she's starting to drink a lot of water. I fed her 3 days ago and she was already dry today. She's gonna do great. Pray and or send some good vibes for those damn lights to get here sooner

    Enjoy the pron!

    IMG_0962.jpg IMG_0969.jpg IMG_0971.jpg IMG_0973.jpg IMG_0975.jpg IMG_0977.jpg
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Also, on the last picture there are leaf sets of three, whats up with that? not enough light, or heat stress?

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Day 75, Week 4 Day 3

    Finally got my lights in the mail today and get them all set up. It's not the most equal amount of light on the plant, but I did what I could with it. It's still badass anyways. Tomorrow she'll be getting fed, full amount of Bloom and seaweed, as well as Garrett Juice and Cal/Mag. Took off quite a few fan leaves. And now I just remembered, that one of the intake fans that in installed last week that was supposed to be blowing cool air in and on the cfls? well it was blowing out, rather than in, so i turned it around and that dropped the temps some 4-5 degrees, so that's great. As far as right now goes, it's a guessing game. the buds are looking a little thin, but it's probably the lights, plus it still has another 4 weeks. I believe it'll fatten up.

    I'm really really wanting to upgrade and convert a Chester drawers into a grow box. The CPU has been great, but you can't control the smell of the plants, and i just want to upgrade and have a badass setup. I'm thinking about working two jobs this summer to save up as well as buy some things i need before I move out with my girlfriend. One of those things is a nice grow cab. Not trying to deal, just wanting to continue the hobbie and learn, as well as have some a deck, ya dig?

    Enjoy the pron!


    IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0987.jpg IMG_0989.jpg IMG_0991.jpg

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all,

    I don't know if i'll continue with the grow. I have it a friend's house, and me and that friend got into a verbal fight tonight. He posted something on the internet a few days ago talking about Fuck God because the situation he's in is God's fault and he's not helping him. I got annoyed. I told him how I felt he's been acting, like really depressed, and moping and blaming God, not trying to fix the situation or better it. Pretty much I was tired of the conversation and hanging out going towards his favor and wants. Maybe I should have been more assertive in what I liked to do, but he always took charge of any situation and would always make known what he didn't like, and would change it. He also would never seem to be interested in my life and the things I like, and wouldn't encourage or anything like that. I told him I think he should get help, and I just let things that were bottled up in me come out. I still want to be his friend, I just wish he'd get better. I feel bad because I go over there and enjoy the grow a lot more than him at times. I think I set a high standard in being a friend, but whenever you hang out with your friends, do you ever wonder how they're doing? I don't think that's too much to ask, maybe he just expresses his care in ways I don't see or understand. Idk. any thoughts?

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    well that's it, that's the end. It was a good two grows though, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I don't think it's a loss, because I grew what i wanted to grow. The case worked. I am sad about it, but thinking about my next grow and how much bigger and better it will be just gets me fired up. Thanks to everyone who followed these, I appreciate the support. Here are the last pics of it, it's pretty blurry, but it's all i got. Peace!


    IMG_0998.jpg IMG_0999.jpg IMG_1001.jpg IMG_1004.jpg

    420monster Well-Known Member

    Final weight? Smoke report?

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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    I wish I had one to give to you dude. I had to throw the plant away. I was growing it at a friend's place and it was our project. I confronted him about somethings and he didn't take it very well. So he put it out. I tried to convince him to keep it, saying just water it from here on out but he wouldn't have any of it.

    I was sad to see it go man, it was over halfway through flowering too. It smelled soooo good, like linen dryer sheets. Such a pure natural smell. Moral of the story is i'm just going to have to get my own place and grow myself. Not rely on anyone or anyone's house. It took a lot of time and gas going to someone else's place and doing it there. I just can't want to have it at my own place. Only thing that stands in the way now is Space really. I'm still deciding if i really want to put money forth to upgrade it or just have keep the PC and do more things too it. I think for now i'm going to fix up the case just for shits and kicks and give it to a friend if i upgrade or keep it for clones.
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    TassieConvict Member

    Sorry to hear about your grow and your mates behaviour. Hopefully things smoothen out from here man
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Much appreciated dude. I hope it does too.
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    Jonstipated Active Member

    Well it's a new year. Time for a new grow.
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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    Let's grow
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    OZAK47 Well-Known Member

    Grow outdoors, no smell problem, free LED light, automatically watering, just watch for rippers
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Y'all know it!

    perkele Well-Known Member

    wow dude, very impressive stealth grow! well done!
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    weedhead24 Well-Known Member

    oh man Gods going to punish him good .Thats really fucked up how your buddies acting right now see if he will come around .God says don't you ever say what burden has God placed on me today .God doesn't place burdens . That upsets Jesus when he hears that.Now God's going to dump a whole load on him .

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