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subs supersoil

Discussion in 'Organics' started by malignant, Jun 26, 2012.


    Squonk Member

    Hello all. I'm trying to troubleshoot a matter that I've been encountering with my crops during the latter stage of flowering. I'm relatively new at this and only grow once a year on a very small scale just for personal use. So please pardon my ignorance, as I'm still very much in a learning curve.

    I've used Sub's recipe the last two years in a row and the plants absolutely THRIVE in it, except toward the latter half of the flowering stage. They first start fading about three weeks into the flowering stage. Very slight at first, but profound toward the end. At the same time the leaf tips start showing signs of nute burn, which gradually works its way up the leaf. Secondly the trichomes don't seem to reach their optimum potency in terms of cloudy vs clear. Some do turn cloudy, but a high percentage remain clear with little noticeable improvement over the last few weeks and days of flowering until I'm forced to harvest due to the plant fading out too much.

    I realize that fading is normal during late flowering. But the symptoms of nute burn during late flowering have me puzzled. Also, just based on the ratio of cloudy/clear trichs at harvest I suspect I'm not getting full potency. I don't know whether anything can be done to postpone the fading, or even if that would have any benefit in optimizing the trichomes. Also, to me it seems counter intuitive to add more nutes or top dressing to reduce the fading, when at the same time there are symptoms of nute burn.

    I'm using a 2x4 grow tent, two Platinum 300W LEDs, RO water only, Boogie Brew compost tea every two or three waterings. The grow tent and room are well ventilated and climate controlled. I only grow two plants at a time, each in a 10 gallon fabric pot. So overcrowding isn't an issue. The strains have been Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk and Liberty Haze. Maybe it's the strains, not the soil...I dunno. :???:

    Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately subs super soil wasn't developed by someone with actual horticulture experience, so it leaves a lot to be desired. I'm a little busy with work right now but I'll hop on later and give you some advice and then a better recipe that you can use going forward with future grows.

    aus.jak Member

    hello people just want some opinions on lupin mulch wether its good or not around my plants it sez on the bag ensures beneficial bacteria an enhance soil diversity by adding vital soil microbes an minerals essential to plant growth

    PentaBiker Active Member

    Any update for us, please? :)
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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    fml i dont know what way is up iv seen people use the most simple soil recipe and grow amazing plants fuck i dont want to have 2 get a degree just to learn how to grow the best weed and vegies
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    Rasta Roy

    Rasta Roy Well-Known Member

    Lol yep, my apologies. This is a busy time of year for me.

    A solid organic potting mix for cannabis or most high demand crops (tomatoes, peppers) doesn't have to follow a strict recipe it just has to follow a few principles. Lots of drainage, moisture retention without heavy compaction, microbiology, a component with readily available nutrients, other components that break down slowly (producing fulvic and humic acids, creating fungal networks, and providing a slow stream of nutrients throughout the grow).

    First make the base of your mix, this is pretty easy and there are a couple different avenues you could take.

    The most affordable but most labor is going from scratch. Make your mix even parts peat moss or coco coir/perlite or rice hulls/compost. When i say compost, Im talking your home made compost, worm castings, composted cow manure, or composted horse manure. Whatever is most available and affordable in your area.

    then just add 1/4 cup per cubic feet (about seven gallons) with some to buffer ph. Dolomite lime or oyster shell flour are popular choices!

    This is great for starting seeds in or planting very small plants.

    an alternative to this base mix would be just buying a bale of promix and or other plain potting mix (something without amendments, no fox farm or ocean forest) and then adding compost to this. not quite half compost for everybit of promix but close wouldnt hurt.

    You could add any all purpose organic fertilizer to this mix and be good to go. Im a fan of the down to earth mixes. the jobe and espoma mixes lean a little hard on cheaper ingredients like chicken manure and sulfate of potash. but theyll work too.

    If youre in the game for the long run, or a large scale grower though, the biggest deal will be getting the components separately. This is my personal recommendation;

    1/2 cup per cubic foot of:

    neem seed meal
    fish bone meal or bone meal
    kelp meal
    crab shell meal

    1/4 cup per cubic foot of:
    alfalfa meal

    A mix like that won't overload your soil with N, so you can plant directly into it without burning your roots, and as long as youve got good quality compost then your plant wont need any early fertilization. be advised that growing in containers is not conducive to a water only grow though. after about six weeks i would recommend a top dressing of your all purpose mix or 1/2 cup of neem seed meal or alfalfa meal and kelp with a couple handfuls of compost per plant.

    avoid highly water soluble components like bat guano in your mixes. guano and liquid fish fertilizer are good to have on hand. instead of top dressing like above you can make a tea with the guano to water your plants or use the liquid fish fert.

    after growing reamend your mix with more compost, some more aeration, and the amendments above. cut your ratios in half unless youre growing in small ass five gallon pots or something.

    and remember bigger roots, bigger fruits. use the biggest pots you can in flower and always repot into fresh soil before you get root bound before you reach the flowering stage.
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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    Best post of the day.....

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