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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Grape Inferno, day 26
    grape inferno day 26  (2).JPG grape inferno day 26  (3).JPG grape inferno day 26  (4).JPG

    Garlic Bud 98, day 50. My pride and joy.
    garlic bud 98 day 50 (1).JPG garlic bud 98 day 50 (2).JPG garlic bud 98 day 50 (3).JPG garlic bud 98 day 50 (4).JPG garlic bud 98 day 50 (5).JPG

    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    They are fukn beauties as usual MJ
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    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Not for nothing if your having germination issues, I'm gonna say most of the regulars here will tell you rarely does a tga bean not pop if proper methods are used... seeing you are good getting fems and whatever else to pop, I'd say try a different seed bank... you could be getting floor beans or who knows what ??? for all you know as some of the banks out there are fucked up and will sell you shit that's not even from the same breeder especially when you buy non breeder packs or pick n mix type shit... always try to buy 5 or 10 packs, I buy 10's usually so if I don't find something in the first 5 I usually will find something good or better in the second 5, if it works out the first go round of 5; I got 5 more beans of that strain I can hang on to... but of any and all issues I've come across with tga, germination is the last thing to go wrong....ever... no paper towels, no waiting for seeds
    to split or show a tap root, just let them sit in a cup in grow worthy water stirring occasionally for a couple hours till they sink, plant them in whatever media after they hit the bottom of the cup, put them in your media of choice after wetting said media, water once more after you plant the bean/cover with said media.... and most times you'll have something above whatever you use for a medium within 48 to 96 hours in the right conditions (as with all seeds).... but sub actually recommends not soaking them if I'm not mistaken and just says plant them in your medium of choice from what I've read, however I've had seeds fail on me when I don't soak them in general for some reason so I keep with my ritual of certain bottled water and certain brand cups, I'm a fuckin weirdo if that's not obvious... And how's this...I'm high as fuck on some gage green - blue in green (regs but different breeder, but I think I'm gonna let this one go and plant the last 5 I have next time I.plant beans)... I try to test others but when you always get what you are expecting from a breeder majority of times; I tend to keep using them but try other breeders/brands but I'm not as quick to blow $500 like i would on tga in a heartbeat....

    Subs gear has come through for me in the best of ways, but the. I've lost cuts of the most sought after phenos of his best strains in some cases cuz I thought it's asy to plant 2 or 4 seeds and get the desired phenos off the rip, ive gotten 5 females out of my 5 seed allowance... I've also got 100% males, them plant 5 more kill 3 and get 2 shit phenos... phenos are like sisters and brothers, based on that theory....not every brother or sister is a 10.... but with regs there's hidden gems that are 100's on a 10 scale that come through every now and again.... we've all had some bad runs but mine could usually be traced back to shit going on with me... that's the truth right there... if I'm having a tough time so is my garden usually....

    Seriously question where your getting them from or buy from a bank tga endorses from tgagenetics and your good... hemp Depot is one of my favorites and I give them as much as my business as possible, they don't always have the newest new new strains but prices are right and they've never failed getting them to me...

    But going back to the debate of better luck with fems etc.... your most likely gonna get a closer representation of the desired phenotype with less beans, it's pretty easy to see they give you 5 or 6 fems for the price of a 10 pack of regs, it is because you accept a 50/50 male/female ratio but fems are only 1 set of genes rather than multiple, it's what's good and bad about them without making me type any more than I have... and for you and whoever else wants and prefers them, go for it bro, nobody's saying don't do what works in your shit.... I pop em here and there, I'd like to be an elitist dick and say I do regs only, but sometimes you can't get what you want in reg, so a fem will do... but I stick to a very limited # of breeders and even less variance in where I buy mine as I mentioned....

    Do what works for you man, nobody's telling u otherwise... I still say give it a proper chance under the right conditions and use atleast 5 seeds on any reg strain and you'll never go back like most of us.... or not... it's about what works for u... sometimes you get some shit luck that's a fact growing bud... fems are the safe bet for the newb, that's a fact... but the place where all the dudes that grow regs/tga isn't the best place to knock our favorite nerd/breeder like that other dude... I'm all about doing what's gonna work best for you...

    I got 2 outta 3 of above ground in rapid rooters... sadly I murdered 1 as usual... I'm so bad with seeds, they're way too delicate for me to handle... I started doing dwc so now once they're in the pot...I don't even go near them, I bought a second container that's exactly the same so I could just put the lid on the other tote/res to check ph/ec etc... and I still managed to kill 3 chronic, 1 cherrygasm and 1 rp x querk... all my beans always sprout, at least 99.5% have, but I always end up killing a good 1/3rd of the beans I pop from just dumb shit, always... dropping lights... falling on... dropping cell phone onto... I used to be the see sprouting god that got all females hoping for 2-3 and have to work through 11-12 females out of 15 which is why I usually only do 5 nowadays but I needed to get a few new things going so that's why I germed so many this time but it always goes to show no matter how long u do this, we still fuck up... I been working with the same strains for too long I need some new blood in my grow but your girls fans are killing me man, you couldn't ask for a healthier looking girl... I can't wait to see where that goes... and mine but I think you gots a good one there....
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    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    I haven't had problems germinating TGA seeds, I bought mine as breeder 5 packs from Attitude. Just didn't find anything worth keeping in the packs, some females had nice smells and looked frosty, but smelly frost machines are easy to find these days.

    LandAndHeir Well-Known Member

    Here's the proof. 25 hours exactly later. Paper towels. Tap water. 5 out of 5 baby!

    Just to prove this isn't bias.

    Here's my seeds...9 for 15 same time frame. No ego. These guys are legit at what they do. SAM_0468.JPG SAM_0468.JPG
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    subcoolgrower Well-Known Member

    I germ thousands of Seeds at a time when we harvest to assure germination.
    As Far as worth Keeping we are out of

    9 pound Hammer
    Pina Rita

    For a reason :)

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    subcoolgrower Well-Known Member

    One of Our new testers to get a pass now we just need to make about 10000

    Dark Lights Ac? DC X Pennywise

    Pics by Bee__Nerdy

    Breeding by Norstar genetics and TGA


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    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Damn, Chernobyl went fast eh? :bigjoint:. Havent grown any of the rest but I love some damn Chernobyl.
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    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Need some of that in Nam. Plenty dudes would benefit from that one!!!
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    LandAndHeir Well-Known Member

    Nice Sub!! That girl looks insane and the test results..well God Damn...Joel seems like a superb person to partner with! Been popping Tga for 7 maybe 8 years...never a disappointment once.
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    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    I guess that blue and green was better than I thought cuz I am lost as to where the fucks I read that bro... I was xtra crispy and spice

    Sorry my man, I was a little more toasty than I realized and 2 or possibly more threads melded together and I ended up responding to you how I did... my bad Man... I don't smoke as often as I normally do lately, so when I do it's like getting hit with a brick and end up extra stupid... but I do apologize... I'll try not to let it happen again, soon anyhow, lol...
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Jesus OG
    j1.JPG j2.JPG j3.JPG j4.JPG j5.JPG


    mt1.JPG mt2.JPG mt3.JPG mt4.JPG
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Mothertongue 8 weeks. It seems now like it has a real funky sour smell to it.
    mt1.JPG mt2.JPG mt3.JPG mt4.JPG mt5.JPG mt6.JPG mt7.JPG
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    LandAndHeir Well-Known Member

    Gsc x spacedude!
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Pack of Chernobyl just hit the dirt, along side a Golden Lemons from DNA genetics. more updates to follow.

    Krippled Well-Known Member

    Grape Lime Ricky @ day 35 flower, had a grape smell in veg, now it's more like a Pinacolada.. 20170117_002637.jpg
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    Krippled Well-Known Member

    Here's a bottom shot of the Grape Lime Ricky...... 20170115_001430.jpg
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    AdrianG Member

    That. looks. delicious.
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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    TimeWreck x Green Avenger day 14

    timewreck x green avenger day 14 (1).JPG timewreck x green avenger day 14 (2).JPG timewreck x green avenger day 14 (3).JPG timewreck x green avenger day 14 (4).JPG

    LandAndHeir Well-Known Member

    Gsc x space ma' fucka!!!

    SAM_0484.JPG One of 6 things I made with the Purgatory male...these are purgatory x ccr(ak 47x Oregon diesel from odie) I call it pagan baby after the Ccr song.
    Thanks again for purgatory sub! Best male I have seen in a long time.
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