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    Dairy Queen pre-trim. IMG_4701.jpg
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    I'm about 1-2 weeks behind schedule, but this week is it, the girls are going into flower, I just spent 20 minutes thinning the lower branches and cloning, one plant in particular surprised me, fem#9 smells like orange liqueur, like sniffing 'Grand Marnier', it's got an alcohol smell with orangey citrus. A few of the other plants have taken on a more liqueur like scent in addition to the berry like smells. Two in particular are peanut-y, one more nutty/berry and the other funky peanuts. So far I'd say there are about 4 different scents/phenotypes from smell alone(if I include the lone orange plant, it's 5) this isn't the most uniform variety I've grown from TGA, in fact it reliably surprised me how unique some of these girls smell, flower and harvest should be fun, if I can get anywhere from 3-6 worth keeping for another attempt, I'll be happy. I'll have my Ace of Spades/plushberry ready for flowering around mid June, mid August I'll start the Strawberry Daiquiri clones/keepers alongside the best of the Ace of Spades and Plushberry. September outdoors ill have seeds from the best Daiquiri males (looking at anywhere from 4-6 potential males) and by mid June, the Other AoS and Pberry males will be flowered outdoors to collect pollen and create f2's and polyhrbids using these berry f1's(AoS, Plushberry, Strawberry Daiquiri).
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    I miss my Dairy Queen but I don't miss trimming her...
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    haha you said it dude. such a pain... but well worth it :) . Cheers!
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    Wanted to post some of my TGA genetics from the last few months. Follow my continually updated TGA LED tent grow over at

    Here are some pics of the finished buds. Tasmanian Skunk 4 seeds produced 2 females both different phenos. 1 sativa dominant and 1 indica dominant.

    Sativa Dom. Tasmanian Skunk

    Indica Dom. Tasmanian Skunk.

    Cherry Cordial OG


    The end result was a Cherry Cordial OG that produces cherry scented bud that also reminds me of Vanilla Kush. The plant is a heavy feeder requiring extra PK compared to the 2 skunk. The 2 skunk seeds showed pheno differences from the start. 1 seed produced a female with thin sativa leaves with 11 blades. The other seed produced a female with stocky wide leaves with 7 and 9 blades. The two produced slightly different scents with the sativa dom. skunk ultimately smelling like lemon lime. Similar to Durban Poison or Golden Goat. Both were earthy and the indica dom. Skunk was certainly the more "dank" of the 2. Very earth almost coffee scent with a laid-back island breeze undertones. I'll be enjoying the thread.
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    Grape Inferno day 35. Been running this pheno for some time and has a burning chemical smell, very OG and potent. In my world, she's a keeper that I don't ever want to lose.
    grape inferno day 35 (1).JPG grape inferno day 35 (2).JPG grape inferno day 35 (3).JPG
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    Black Dahlia vegging. Out of a 20 seed pheno hunt, this was the keeper. Super dark purple buds that have a sweet/grape taste and would give it a 7.5/10 in potency. Great night time smoke. Does throw some late term nanners(very few) around week 6-7 but never seeds it's self. The fact Sub decided to not release this strain makes it even more special to me.....because I got a kick ass keeper that I'm so proud of.....but that's just me and I'm a nobody.
    black dahlia vegging (1).JPG black dahlia vegging (2).JPG
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    Dairy Queen after a good cure

    Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 1.21.59 AM.png

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    Chernobyl 7.5 weeks. the purple is from the led lighting but makes it look even better.

    Chernobyl X JTR about 6 weeks. I have several different phenos going of this. This one is more leafy but has a nice lemon juice smell like the store bought lemon juice concentrate.


    I am no longer going to reuse and re-amend my used super soil. It seems like my plants are not growing as well in it. The growth seems stunted and they don't take in water as fast as usual. Fresh super soil only from now on. When I was re-amending it, I would always use the max amount of worm castings listed in the recipe. Over time mixing the same used batches over and over, adding tons of worm castings each time, it seemed to make the soil heavier and more clay like. Maybe there is also too much salt build up over time. There have been times where I cheated and gave a little concentrated nutrients with waterings for a little food boost. It just seems like the roots are having more trouble growing as rapidly as they used to. This is just me theory. The soil is still working and the smoke produced is still great, but yields seem to have suffered. More time being lost by having to veg longer due to slower growth. Going to use Fertilome as my base next batch I mix. The soil is extremely cheap and clean. I never find bugs in it. When I veg before making the final transplant with the super soil, I now use fertilome, add a little Nitrogen based bat guano, worm castings, a little bit of azomite and epsom salt. Add perlite and vermiculite. IMO fertilome doesn't have enough perlite. I just make a few gallons at a time and give it a quick mix in a 5 gallon bucket. Then transplant the clone in the small pot. Seems to work well. Seems like all these other name brand soils are full of root aphids which a lot of ppl seem to confuse with fungus gnats. gnats are weak. Root aphids not so much.

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    How many girls did you flower to find her? How were Her sisters? Any grape at all? Thank you. :joint:

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    actually what i've found, is adding compost back to mixes over time dilutes the mix, and lowers the concentration of peat moss, effectively leading to higher soil pH levels and that is the reason your growth is not the same. Im having the same thing happen with my ROLS soils as well. I concluded that adding a lot of fresh organic matter after each run is not necessary, and actually alters the mix in a non beneficial way. So from now on, i'll only be adding amendments back to the mix, and not compost. if i want to add organisms back to the mix, i'll just water in an AACT. The thing is, that SOM takes a long time to be broken down by organisms, and starting at 30%-ish OM... that's already a fuck ton. What i heard another very experienced organic grower is doing is using his recycled soil as the OM portion of a new mix. Makes total fucking sense to me. and you also have to consider, when you leave roots in the used soil for recycling, the roots turn into OM anyway, so you're already getting fresh OM. plus the breakdown of amendments and use of leaves and what not for mulch. there are constant OM inputs. Hope this clears up your astute observations about your mix. i was seeing good looking growth up to about week 4, and then i was like... ok where are the fuckin nugs!?!? they just never got much bigger after that. quality is still on point... but quantity is lacking.

    FWIW i too decided to start from square one with my mixes recently to make sure that i'm going to see the difference between the two... and so far, i'm seeing what i should be seeing. bud growth in the fresh mix at 4 weeks has already surpassed bud growth of other plants at 6 weeks. I kept wondering what was going on, and realized that having too much OM neutralizes and dilutes the acidity in the peat moss, leading to higher pH (less acidity). when i topdress in flower, i topdress with compost and amdendments, which will be all the OM that i'll add into mixes. I'll be documenting this in my grow thread in the main organic forum. stay tuned :)
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    damm that looks frosty did it stink as much as the claim ?

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    Thanks! very very very cheesy with some slight cherry tart undertones. it smells really different on the plant, more cherry tart present, and after the cure, super cheese comes out. Great daytime smoke, really uplifting and not couchy at all. Enjoyable!

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