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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


    IndoorScore New Member

    Dude selling a phantom locally, trying to talk him down to 225.
    Those chinese reflectors look like they're meant to ceiling mount or at least hang high, worry about head space compared to a phantom or sun system (or flex wing for that matter)

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    what probably throws you off a bit,the reflector on a 315 is designed for a 3x3.It gives plenty of "spread" for it's intensity. I never cared for those phantoms,they seem way combersome and look as if they would take a lot of space in a tent. I never owned one,so,I could be totally full of shit.

    IndoorScore New Member

    they're 11" tall so not a deal breaker there... It has both the 3100 and 4k bulbs with it as well.
    If that doesn't happen I'll probably pick up a 315 lean mean green from CGS for 250 with the phillips and a wing...
    $250 ain't bad, worse comes to worse I can get a 600w digital dimmable with cool tube locally for 75 bucks, really wanted to try the 315 though.
    Saint Skinny

    Saint Skinny Active Member


    frica Well-Known Member

    I doubt CFL is still worth it.
    Here a philips 13w Bulb is 4.68 euros. (USA prob cheaper)
    About twice as efficient as the CFL, directional when the diffuser is removed.
    12 of those costs 56 euros. (It's probably cheaper in the US)

    Electricity cost is at least 18 cent per kwh here.
    Operating 12 hours a day the CFLs will create an 8 euros higher bill every month.

    So after 5 months the LEDs have already earned themselves back.

    Only pain in the ass is removing the bulb, but it isn't needed though it does make it an even better light.
    And some people have a CFL build that puts the lights sideways, which is beneficial for CFL but not for LED, and since LEDs (exception those filament bulbs) are directional it's best have the bulb facing the plant directly.
    But new sockets aren't expensive, and LED bulbs do pay themselves back.

    frankslan Active Member

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017

    OldGrower Well-Known Member

    I use a
    Similar light I got from sams club bcus I got tired
    Of buying cheap made floro bulbs. Work great for seedlings, clones, and small plants

    frankslan Active Member

    cool how close do you put the light like right on the leaves?

    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    I would imagine that they'd be about the same as fluorescent lights. My T8 veg lights are always within 1"-2" from my seedlings.

    frankslan Active Member

    Ill post how it goes. My seedlings new growth is light green like a lime green under this light. It might not be strong enough. We'll see I have it about .5 inches from the light. Leaves almost touching as it puts out hardly any heat.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i have one of these 4 ft led lights. like 45 watts or so,4k lumens. gonna see how this and my household leds flower...

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member


    frankslan Active Member


    I took the reflector off and added some 5600k clfs on top. The straight Led were making my plants lime green in the new growth.

    found this video he tests the par 17 at 28 inches in a fish tank

    Dopaw13 Active Member


    Dopaw13 Active Member


    Dopaw13 Active Member

    well i got my T5 light in looks really good other than fedex FUCKED up lol box came in tatters with clear tape all over but wasnt taped shut..... the staples that were holding the lid on were gone just the holes were there where they were the box with the assembaly info and 120v power cord are miaxD i contacted the supplier to see what they can do:(

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