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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


    IndoorScore New Member

    Dude selling a phantom locally, trying to talk him down to 225.
    Those chinese reflectors look like they're meant to ceiling mount or at least hang high, worry about head space compared to a phantom or sun system (or flex wing for that matter)

    Igotthe6 Well-Known Member

    what probably throws you off a bit,the reflector on a 315 is designed for a 3x3.It gives plenty of "spread" for it's intensity. I never cared for those phantoms,they seem way combersome and look as if they would take a lot of space in a tent. I never owned one,so,I could be totally full of shit.

    IndoorScore New Member

    they're 11" tall so not a deal breaker there... It has both the 3100 and 4k bulbs with it as well.
    If that doesn't happen I'll probably pick up a 315 lean mean green from CGS for 250 with the phillips and a wing...
    $250 ain't bad, worse comes to worse I can get a 600w digital dimmable with cool tube locally for 75 bucks, really wanted to try the 315 though.
    Saint Skinny

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