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    Freddie Millergogo

    Freddie Millergogo Well-Known Member

    SO then 378.5 grams (volumetric math) of that Potassium sulfate powder from Amazon into 1 gallon of water for the 10% solution.
    Add the 1.5 tsp of Dark brown Sugar for the carbs. Mix well till everything is dissolved and jug it! (With my old farm math method, and application charts I got 380 grams [correction]- a simple gain of 1.5 grams from formula shifts over the 1000 gallon conversion in the Greenhouse guide chart)

    So just buy Pot Sulf, Brown sugar and water?

    Does it make big nugs too or just more terps, resin?
    Freddie Millergogo

    Freddie Millergogo Well-Known Member

    Freddie Millergogo

    Freddie Millergogo Well-Known Member

    Dollar Store has Golding with 5% potassium. Brer Rabbit at Wal Mart about $4 has 5% potassium but has one or two other nutes.

    Dollar Store has the molasses for $1 and brown sugar $1 for 1 lb.. Grocery stores also can have a 2 lb bag of brown sugar for about $2.

    My stoner mentor who is out of my life mentioned molasses but was not sure if it worked and why it worked. It is right on the label. Brer Rabbit has iron, potassium, sodium, carbs, calcium and magnesium.

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    i'm not to sure but if u wanna buy some i can link u a place were u can get it cheap and yes it does rock up the nugs like monster bud from A/N
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    Pumpkin, banana and squash. Cut & cubed, add equal parts brown sugar; So 2 lbs of fruit you use 2 lbs of brown sugar (brown sugar, not molasses). Mash as best you can with a mortar (be sure to not use your hands). Cover loosely and let it ferment for a week or a week and a half. Strain and jar again covering loosely to finish the fermenting process. There is your bloom juice, add a teaspoon per gallon.
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    Freddie Millergogo

    Freddie Millergogo Well-Known Member

    Link please. Thanks.
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    shit i wanna run a side by side on this one
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    This terpinator is the truth, thanks a lot man, I've never used one before and I can see a huge difference already

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    Sorry but, molasses will NOT work that way!

    It's the sulfur that works with the P and the carbs to give the effects......Molasses has very low amounts of nutrients that reuce even lower when mixed with water.....Too much in the way of carbs too!
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