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The Dons' Organic Garden

Discussion in 'Organics' started by DonPetro, Mar 18, 2014.


    FunkeyMunkey Well-Known Member

    Damn don that gravy pheno looks phucking amazing man!! Kudos
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Thanks brother!!!! It's a beautiful cultivar, really blessed to be working with her! Her parents were regarded as right retarded, in the good way, so it's to them I owe it all to!

    Speaking of great parents.. These OG's (ie the Dons' OPG) already stink, son.. Like wreak really, and they're only 2 weeks old! Just love when they smell dank from the get go!

    OG x PG

    And another stinky one..
    Shotta Berry Kush
    Hats off to these little ones for making it through a couple bad days thanks to my leaving the furnace off by accident one night and a heater that was stuck on a different day.. Champin!!

    Topdress is diatomite btw. Now have a primo day herbalists.. Here's to good ganja..
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    CaptainSnap Active Member

    Your plants are always top notch and never stressed it seems Don! Glad you are here sharing your information in the spot light!
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    love the diatomite mulch man. I use pumice in my smaller pots for the same purpose. but in my no-tills i try to use mainly organic matter like rice hulls, chopped up stems/stalks, and canna leaves. I'm sure you're doing the same :)

    Nice little OG young'ins there buddy. can't wait to see them later in life :)
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