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The Shed Chronicles, or Jelly's Lab.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Jellypowered, May 4, 2017.


    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So, I really don't like the journal system, It seems hard to follow for me, I don't like that it's reverse chronological order, and i'm a bit ocd with little things like that.
    Edit: Some of the posts will appear to be time traveling, as i'm copying the content from my journals.

    This will be my catch all, every project other than my normal main thread. ("Shed Conversion and Introduction") I will be using this as my outlet for all my other projects. I generally try to finish a project before I start another one, but sometimes I have a couple going at once. I'll try to keep it easy to follow.

    Each project I currently have in mind will be listed in the following format: Name of the Project, and The current status. Color coded to show what i'm working on. Think stop lights. I'm not sure how long RIU allows one to edit their first post in a thread, but i'll keep it updated as long as I'm able to do so.

    Project and Status
    1. Mini Fridge (Started - WIP)
    2. Colloidal Silver Generator (Started - Waiting on parts)
    3. Aero or Bubble Cloner (Planning)
    4. Armoire Pantry Conversion (Planning)
    5. DIY COB Light (Planning/Researching)
    Green - I'm currently working on this.
    Yellow - Planning/research stage.
    Red - Planning/May or may not do this project.

    I hope everyone feels welcome, to jump in, join the conversation, contribute, and generally not be a douche. I'm willing to learn as long as you can tell me why i'm wrong. I'm not a pro by any means, but I care about what i'm doing, and want to share my experiences with a community of awesome people. So sit back, enjoy a :joint:, and let's all brainstorm or some shit.

    shed lol.png
    @Colanoscopy @luv2grow @ttystikk @horribleherk
    Step into my lab... just uh, well, don't touch anything.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So I got a 'nother project! I had this old mini fridge that didn't cool, it was just chillin on the property when we bought it, and i'm somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to junk, so I kept it because I thought this mini fridge would make an excellent grow box. :)

    Just playing around with Sketchup, this is a rough look at what I planned for it.

    So far, here is what has been done.
    (Disclaimer: Please discharge freon responsibly and in a safe manner. Freon is nasty stuff.)
    This is how you strip one. Take every screw, nut, bolt you can off. And start peeling the sheet metal off. I tried the acetone trick of dissolving foam, apparently this isn't the type of foam that can be dissolved.
    Notice the copper tubing taped to the sheet metal? Cut that at the top and bottom, This will make it easier to pull the giant hunk of foam which used to be your beer fridge out.
    Once you have the main portion of foam removed, Take a putty knife or anything similar and get to scraping. You don't have to get it all, as we will be lining it with wood of some sort. Just get any high spots of foam removed. This is best done outside, or clean up as you go so you don't have foam EVERYWHERE.
    I skipped the process of actually taking pictures of my build, but it's pretty simple. You need wood to support the sheet metal, build a box. Doesn't matter how you do it, Just make it fit inside and try to cut straight. (I suck at this without a table saw, but my table saw is at work, i'm working with a dewalt 20v circular saw. Again, I suck at cutting straight by hand. If you measure carefully, you can get a box store to cut your pieces for you. One 4x8 sheet should do any fridge up to 5cu ft. It helps to have it drawn out where to cut so you don't waste material. You may need the leftover scraps for other things.

    I added some 2x3s in each of the corners before I put the sheet metal on, shown in the pictures. I did this to stiffen up the OSB (chipboard, laminated chip, whatever you call it) as it wanted to wiggle a lot without support.

    So, Moving on to what I have on hand, and my ideas on how to proceed.

    LIGHTING: (Complete)
    Quick Specs:
    Bulb type: FT36DL/841
    Wattage 7 bulbs*36w each = 252w
    Ballasts: Fulham Workhorse 8 x 2
    Fixed Position Mounted. (Top, non adjustable)

    I have room for 7 36w 2g11 bulbs (I will call them PLL's from here on out). The bulbs I have on hand are 4100k. Not sure how effective this is going to be in the long run, but they were only 1$ each, I couldn't pass them up. That totals 252w of PLLs.

    Since I can only fit 7 bulbs and have them somewhat reasonably spaced. I made a frame for the lights out of 1x4, and mocked up where I wanted to place the bulbs. 4 on one ballast, 3 on the other.

    You won't be able to see how shitty my pockets are, I didn't know the best way to do this so I used a dremel with a cutting bit.


    Here you see i've got 4 sockets installed and wired halfway. Just gotta wire them to the ballast and lights are almost finished up.

    And here is the frame installed with bulbs in.

    Got two fulham Workhorse 8 Ballast's mounted and wired in. These are great little ballasts, I'm hoping they run cooler than when i had 4 55w PLL on each. (Not recommended by the manufacturer)
    Got an outlet wired up, and wired a plug to the lights.

    That pretty much wraps up the lighting portion. I'll continue after a message from our sponsors!

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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Got the mini fridge where I want to set it, once all construction is finished this will be its final resting place :)
    Got the door mounted. It's almost light tight. Not quite. I'll need to put some sort of latch to keep it closed and sealed. I had to modify the original bottom door mount, used a sawzall to cut the ribs off where I wanted the bend, then heat it up with a torch and bend it over in a vice. I'm still going to foil all the corners and edges inside and then paint. I wanna put a false floor over the bottom, with the air intake in there so I don't have light leaks from there either. I may move this into the house, so I can teach the Wifey how to take care of plants as I sometimes go on trips that keep me away for a couple days.

    So I got some more work on the mini fridge done tonight. Called it an early night because i'm bushed.

    So here you see I drilled 4 holes for my "light proof intake" I inserted PVC elbows (1 1/4" inches or 3.175cm) facing the back. You'll see why in a few pics.

    I made a frame for the piece of plywood. You can see here that I added 4 more holes in this piece. The underside of this will be painted flat black. I checked with lights out, and this part doesn't have much detectable light coming out, proof of concept, it works. Will work better once I get some paint in there to not reflect any light.

    Lots of freakin light leaks. No worries I'll take care of a lot of that once construction is done.

    Now, I've got a passive intake. I need help figuring out what to do with exhaust.
    Mainly, what size fans? I need to have some kind of fan blowing on the bulbs, as they were hot enough in 10 minutes to not be able to comfortably hold the bulbs. I realize I have NO air flow in there right now but I'm having trouble visualizing what I should do.

    I have up to 8 inches wide, by 20 inches tall that could potentially be used for some kind of fans. Should I go with multiple PC fans? Mind you space is at a premium, I want to keep everything as low profile as possible.



    Note: Pretty much caught up, from here on out i'll be posting progress in here directly, not my journals. Gotta remember to update my signature.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    I ordered fans and bulk charcoal.

    I got 5x F-12 Artic fans.

    They got some decent specs,

    Build is on hold till they come in.

    I'm getting impatient, i'm not switching Motoko(Plant 1) to flower until she's the only lady in the grow room. That means Natsu(plant 2) goes into the completed mini fridge. I should be able to finish up the basics next week once my order arrives. I'll mess with adding automation after I verify temps won't be an issue.

    As a backup plan. If temps are an issue, i'll use my screw in LED bulbs. I'm only tryin to have a veg cab at minimum, if I can flower in it too, cool, but that's not the main purpose.

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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!

    So I got a bunch of my screw in LED's stripped and getting them ready for whatever project I decide to use them on lol.

    Also... I have this cabinet thing... What should I do with it?
    It's pretty big, it's somewhere around 4'x3'x8'
    I don't have room in the shed, and the living/room kitchen side of the house doesn't have air conditioning, so temps are going to be an issue. I may get a portable a/c unit or something, I don't even know if i'm going to use this cab lol.

    This is the part where you guys give me suggestions :)

    (and before anyone asks, the kitchen needs remodeled. We don't use it, this house we bought is kind of a fixer upper, just bought it to live in while we build our house, it worked out that a house just happened to come up for sale around property I already owned, I now have 20 acres that are all connected)

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Well, the fans came in, so now I have a working mini fridge. It's still a WIP, but it'll serve it's purpose as a veg chamber.


    Steady temps at 73F

    VERY happy.

    verticalgrow Well-Known Member

    :leaf:hi jelly,:leaf:
    Do u have a cloning station or do u just grow from seeds:confused:
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    THCBrain Well-Known Member

    I'd use that wooden cupboard as a drying rack/box seems perfect
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Dude... great idea. And that means less work for me haha.
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    THCBrain Well-Known Member

    It's ready made bar a few bits of mesh so air circulates round the buds...
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Currently, this is my status.
    Grow equipment:
    One dedicated grow space.
    Mini fridge veg cab

    Plant material:
    Got two clones from a friend. (currently growing)
    Got some seeds from another friend (haven't popped any)
    Also have several random bag seeds, none popped yet.

    The goal is to eventually get to perpetual harvest.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Just needs some damn good sealing paint, whatever doesn't wash off will get sealed in with paint. I'll give it ample time to offgas before it becomes a drying area.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    And this is why I can't wait to harvest my own. This zip cost 250, and well, just look at it. It's all that's available to me at this time, we've definitely had better but this is a new low to me.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So while I was out today I found for the first time locally, honest to goodness ALL black 5 gallon buckets. Previously i'd only been able to find the branded buckets or plain white.

    Picked up the last 3 they had.

    Tomorrow I'll be finding an adapter for my pump, it's got metric threads so I'll have to get a bit of hose to adapt it to 1/2" NPT. Then i'll make a 5gal aeroponic cloner. Dunno how many sites yet, I've got 2" net pots already, and i'm thinking about using that size as I want to go DWC/Hydro in the future.

    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    So, one of my beans popped. I spent most the day doing yard cleanup. Burning leaves, scrap wood, anything flamable. I'm pretty sore tonight. Also cleaned up my desk. Bout time. I can see the surface again!

    This is an area I am clearing, for an outdoor garden. I know it's kinda late to start a garden, but I plan on putting a greenhouse up to extend the season. (Veggies and such)
    Still a lot of junk to clean up, getting there.
    The front of the shed, There was crap piled up so that you could just barely open the door. Now it almost looks presentable.
    My other "Lab" lol.
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    Don't Bogart

    Don't Bogart Well-Known Member

    Jelly those stripped LED bulbs, are they the ones with the plastic bulb over them? Did you just pop them off?
    I got a local store here selling them for a $1 a piece. What are their "K" rating? The ones here are 2700.
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    Jellypowered Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they have a plastic cover on them usually, I just squeeze the plastic in a pair of channel locks and it usually pops off with a little prying. I have two K ratings, 2700 and 5000. Whenever I get around to using them I'll probably try to shoot for equal parts of both.
    Don't Bogart

    Don't Bogart Well-Known Member

    Ohhh Man... the wheels are turnin'.
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    Don't Bogart

    Don't Bogart Well-Known Member

    Checked what lights I have. 2700 & 5000 so I'll go from there. I've got some flood lights, 2700, so I'll see if those come apart. This is good for the light bill $$.
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    Colanoscopy Well-Known Member

    I've been waiting to see that first line for a while now. First chance I've had to have a catch up on your progress jp. Looking good.

    I'm beginning to have serious shed envy now too. Sick of cracking my head on the rafters now haha.

    Any signs of preflowers on the one you flipped yet? Always an exciting time

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