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Timber grow lights and Dan the president

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by FunnyManSam, Oct 31, 2017.


    FunnyManSam Active Member

    This an appreciation post for timber grow lights. I’m not promoted by them for a paid amount I just want to let everyone know the lights are top notch and kick ass for the price. Dan is the best customer service I have every see down to customizing my light a little for free for me. I highly respect this company and what they are doing and thinks big things will continue to come for them. If anyone has a pre-built light that’s better then there 900 watt frameworks then pleaser let me know because I haven’t even had anyone tell me anything is better. I wanna hear ur guys experiences and recommendations.

    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Bought the 300 watt Cree kit a little over a year ago as it was the "best" at that time.. I don't regret my purchase one bit..
    3 good runs so far with many more to come.. Top notch customer service...
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    Yep. I could't agree more. Great company...always looking to provide what the customers are asking for....Extremely flexible lights in that they can be modified as the technologies advance.

    I was a Timber customer before they were Timber! -nothing but the highest praises from me!
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    Budies 101

    Budies 101 Well-Known Member

    Great to hear! Even if you buy today you will have lights that are growing with 60% the watts as HPS but able to grow the same quality... fooooorrreeever!!!!~~~

    FunnyManSam Active Member

    I’m glad to see others feel the same way. Haven’t seen a negative thing about timber yet!
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    Kcbscrogger Well-Known Member

    I just picked up the 400w vero 29 framework in February and have 2 grows with it in my 40”x40”x80” tent and I couldn’t be more impressed. Increased my yield over hps and runs 10 to 14 degrees cooler. I love it!
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    THCgorilla New Member

    I just spoke to Dan on the phone today and placed my order. I have to say out of all the companies I spoke with this was the most pleasant experience I had. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions. After the phone call I felt like I could have talked with him for hours. It was almost like talking to a long lost friend. Major props to Dan and Timber grow lights! I'm looking forward to the getting my new lights in.
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