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WARNING! Digital/ Electronic ballasts can get you busted! The A.M. radio test!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ATL HYDRO, Dec 23, 2011.


    Mount Well-Known Member

    Hey... I know its an old thread but it keeps getting hits... Thought I would share.. this may help those with concerns.. https://www.amazon.com/Revolution-B...dp/B013SGEMYW?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Just tossing it out there as an option for some, can't tell ya much about it or if it will help with your problems, but I bet the folks who made it could.

    I have not used one, as my ballasts are magnetic but I have learned a lot from the folks at Revolution Micro over the past few months and found they offered this product.. they joined RIU earlier this year and you could hit them up to ask, they are very helpful.. @Revolution Micro
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    I run magnetic personally, I dont have to worry about power consumption. Well as long as im not attracting attention. Electric here is only $0.01.8pkwh and im on a plan where I only pay $65 a month no matter how much power I use. I have no balance at the years end either. I still only run one 1000w for veg and flower and two 125w clf's for clones and seedlings. Even if I did have to pay the full bill veg18/6 only costs like $12 a month and flower12/12 like $9 a month.
    Revolution Micro

    Revolution Micro Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Always happy to help! Hit us up.
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    GarlandGreen New Member

    Does anyone know if this works??
    Bob Zmuda

    Bob Zmuda Well-Known Member

    I had issues I wrote about in this thread.

    I now run all phantom 2 ballasts. No RF noise.

    Mount Well-Known Member

    Just PM the folks @Revolution Micro, personally I don't think they would offer it if it didnt work. Greg and Marisa are pretty darn smart.

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    why not add a RF choke on the return line. its just a heavy torroidal inductor. youd have.to take.apart your ballast and find the switching component connected to the positive terminal on the rectified DC side.

    i get this problem when i make high voltage self oscillating plasma drivers. induction heaters. stuff like that. but yea you either need to filter out the RF before it goes back to the rectifier which is connected to the city power.

    yea this is that is the kinda shit that will damage a battery if you were solar.

    but no, police using radio scanners would only hear noise and you can claim you purchased some chinese appliance that must not have a radio frequency choke.

    just a crummy ballast it sounds like.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    This issue still around in 2016? My 600w ballast has a little static when I. The room, a lot when the radio is within inches..I would assume the ballasts have had much improvements over the years and not an issue any longer.


    dr-weed New Member

    i have to agree with the original post ,, i did used 2 600w magnetic ballast for about 2 years with no problems , i decided to upgrade to digital ballasts and within 6 months i got busted ,

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Jacob Shearer

    Jacob Shearer New Member

    I just purchased a ballast im gonna be running a 400w and 600w mh/hps. How can i test if this will be detected?

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    yuuuuuck. hope it all worked out
    Jacob Shearer

    Jacob Shearer New Member

    How many ballast were you running? is it possible one ballast wont give off enough fr to be detected?

    pwalmz Active Member

    Ahhh that initial post. Anyone who is having this issue, google faraday cages! :)

    driel Well-Known Member

    It would be great to know which ones are the worst so that people avoid them or take steps to deal with theirs.

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