Warren Mayor Fouts, put retarded kids in a cage!

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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    "Tonight I am going to meet a bunch of retards. Tonight is retard night."

    In a second recording a voice that sounds like Fouts says "Fine I guess, what good are they, they are dysfunctional human beings. They are not even human beings."In another recording the person says that meeting with the mentally challenged is "one of the worst things about being mayor.

    "This is bottom of the barrel," the voice said. "I don't (inaudible) to retarded people and I don't want to be around them. I wish them well in a cage."

    why only creeps interested in becoming politicians I wonder. I see a politico pattern here, of a dis compassionate agenda towards our disabled citizens.
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    Fozze Member

    Oy vey. Can we start mental exams for legislative, executive, and judicial governement jobs? Ffs!!!! Can we get government officials that don't categorically hate groups of people!?
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    Skylor Well-Known Member

    Hes the same dude that has been crying about the legal fireworks every 4th of July.

    His remarks surprised me but did not shock me.

    Yeah the boom boom boom, every 4th of July can be bothering but that just means I live in a a place where people are free to do things that I would not do....well maybe if the fireworks were free but I'm not going to pay for it....besides whats a little noise

    But that mayor, he had a fit every year...how dare people set off fireworks in "his lovely peaceful city"

    Maybe if i lived in the house next to the mayor, I would buy a "ton" of fireworks, and set them off all day long, this new years day. That would be great, ha ha.

    And for all U coppers who want to twist stuff around, I'm joking and not serious, I got no money to buy a house next to the mayor;s house anyhow.

    Not sure i would even want to live in Warren but if he gets booted out of office, maybe, lol
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    put him and the accuser(s) on a lie detector already. get to the bottom of this. for the protection of our citizens. One of these men are lying, and they should be outted. they are both politicians, both are guilty of something likely, polygraph may prove enlightening.
    hell, make all politicians take the test televised. the end. no more voting for politicians for sure if that happened.

    Poli= Many
    Tics= Blood Sucking Parasites.
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    Skylor Well-Known Member

    lie detector tests don't really work, IMO

    I;m not sure those voice tests work either

    But the dude has shown thou he has little regard for those with different interests them himself.

    He seems to hate the MM program too

    People who are not just like him, he seems not to like very much. Listen to what he saids

    captainmorgan Well-Known Member

    A obvious Trump supporter that will be protected, won't lose his job or a day of work. His type will be celebrated by the establishment for the next 4 years.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I heard he supported Obama, Sanders. you got any link to him supporting Trump?

    Resinxtractor Well-Known Member

    He is a Sanders fan boy. Go figure the intolerant support Sanders LMFAO.
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    Skylor Well-Known Member

    Hey, i was all for Sanders too but he did not make the the cut, they wanted Clinton, forget that. Trump got my vote--i know, the dude likely would hate me if he got to know me, ha ha. But Clinton was a sad joke and I'm so happy she lost. As for Trump, I got big doubts about him. I feel hes a cold, maybe mean person but I'm willing to give him a chance. NATO is a joke, same with the EPA, and OSHA.

    Regulations are holding us back, we need less yet Clinton wanted more. I don't want 55 mpg cars--or even 25 mpg cars. Yeah, Trump is likely to give us $5 a gallon gasoline once again, ugh.

    Too bad we can't have elections in the USA, where everybody can vote and vote for anybody they wish. Trump was right, the system is crooked.

    The public schools all hated Trump, so I'm glad Trump won. The schools are brainwashing the children, it needs to stop. Things have been certain ways for thousands of years for good reasons, some want to change the world overnight. That isn't right, change should happen slowly cause its a decent chance we could be wrong about our beliefs. If in 50--100 years, we still feel the same about things such as gay marriage, then OK, maybe it should be change but we are going too fast with change, IMO. Thats how mistakes happen.

    I could careless about climate change, the world has always had huge temp. changes. I could careless about species such as the polar bears dying off. If the dinosaurs were still around, some folks would care more about them vs humans. U never hear about the new species that replace the the ones who die off. Us humans are new compare to the Dinos, so it was good that the Dinos died off or we might have never happen.

    If all the ice in the south pole were to disappear, that would be super, IMO. That land is likely loaded with oil and minerals but the ice is a mile thick. That is for the people to have come 3017 or later
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Your logic shows every sign of being perfected in public schools.

    DirtyEyeball696 Well-Known Member

    Finally someone with some sense

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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    Now there's recordings of him saying "no one wants to be with a 60'year old hag". He fits right in with the Bernie/Hillary crowd with all of his tolerance.....lol.

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