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Welcome New Members!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by matth82003, Jun 3, 2006.


    666888 Well-Known Member

    G,day, long time smoker and grower, nothing like the outdoors for a good crop

    moondance Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Welcome to the family! I have found that infused coconut oil baked into food and pastry has been a great delivery method, I can run you through the process with a crock pot, and RSO dots on Oreo Cookies are a great way but no chewing lol just break and swallow that shits sticky lol. Good Luck and lots of great info here and great growers!

    Petahet1111 Member

    Appreciate it. It will be a while until I'm ready for that but the infused coconut oil is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking to do.
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    bongrips.org New Member

    Whats up guys this the homie bongrips.org. I have great passion for growing and for landrace preservation.
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    moondance Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Im glad you found the family buddy! MD

    josielee New Member

    Hi guys..First time here...newbie.. Cant even find where to start a thread..(a little embarrassing). But super happy to be here & learn!

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Zero worries. (and Welcome Aboard ;0)

    Just start with the Forum that is close to what you think you want to try.

    i.e. "General" vs "Indoor" vs "Vertical"

    Have fun!

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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    thanks for the reminder JD, I don't come to this thread often enough, nor do i like here too much
    {{vows to change for the new year}} ;)
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    Ag3life Member

    I really just want to spark a conversation on my 1st grow. I need any feedback you might have from my pictures.

    So I started about 2mo ago. [PIC 1] DSCN1748.JPG is about a week into the grow. I know I have the reflective paper backwards ( I literally didn't know shit) lol. But anyway I was excited because they looked good to me. I had them under a T5 fluorescent light. In a cube and FF ocean forest soil. My grow room is my 2x2 closet. [PIC 2] 20161101_082733_1478003254514.jpg I probably transplanted too early, but I put them in 5gal Fabric pots. I failed to fill pots all the way to the top for some reason which became a problem later I think. I switched to a 600w HPS light. Sorry about the pics with the light on. I had them under 24hr light since the start. [PIC 3&4] 20161130_204113.jpg 20161130_204142.jpg I quickly realized I was running out of space. [PIC 5&6] 20161201_160636.jpg 20161201_161448.jpg I was under-watering and some powdery mildew showed up. [PIC 7] 20161218_213530.jpg I started a late scrog after reading up on it. 20161227_005809.jpg 20161227_005741.jpg 20161227_005928.jpg I decided to invest in a tent. Almost every leaf has some sort of yellow/brown on the tip.

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Looks like you are off to a good start.

    T-5s are smart for Veg and a 600W HPS is perfect for flowering (use one myself)

    The tip-burn does look like N poisoning. Yellowing from the bottom up equals hunger.
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    Ag3life Member

    I had the HPS up and running in the VEG stage as well. I just started Flowering yesterday. I've been in VEG for a while now
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    Ag3life Member

    @Javadog thanks for the info. I've been scared to give too many nutes. Im using FF Trio
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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Welcome to RIU, MMG!
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    moondance Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Welcome to the family!
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    MCM8 Member

    Hey everyone, new to the site. Live in Mass, looking to get into some growing. Been lurking around for a few weeks now. Loving what I see.

    jay40353 Member

    hello everyone!!!! thanks for letting me in!
    a friend pointed me to this site, because im bit of a light nerd!!
    and LED'S are taking over my life!!
    had a grow store near me close. i knew the guy well.
    he gave me some good drivers and some cobs free at closing.
    looking to make it all work, and thanks again for accepting me.

    grow mojo!!!.
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    moondance Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Love it Welcome aboard! Lots of years of knowledge key word searches are the best way to go for direct information. Tag people with an @ sign to get them to see it lol. Have Fun!
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    dugdug2002 Member

    I'm new here and am doing a new indoor and came on here for information and troubleshooting and just to learn and maybe teach but I'm kinda new to all this so teaching might not be at strong point.
    But it seems like a great site and I'm looking forward to being a part of it.
    I have a few indoor grows under my belt as well as one outdoor all were successful so far and currently I am growing "cosmic Charlie" strain under dorm grow 240 led light and my plant is in the second week of flowering. This is my first time with leds but so far seems like it's doing well.
    If anyone has any input I'm all ears.
    Thanks in advance
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    dugdug2002 Member

    2 weeks in

    Attached Files:

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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I think I know you from somewhere................hmmmmmm

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