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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by matth82003, Jun 3, 2006.


    Stltoed Well-Known Member

    Looks good. What is it?
    Manuel Smith

    Manuel Smith Active Member

    It's a bag seed I got from a friend.

    hoangmen1993 New Member

    i am hoang men ! i'm newbie

    chefrob15 Member

    what up hoang! im a newbie too man!! welcome , your in the right place. I have learned a grip on here!

    hoangmen1993 New Member

    tks chefrob15

    aabra420 New Member

    hi guys im growing . some indian sativa dominant land race from bag seed .
    its in flowering stage .
    previously i had some issues with night cycle . because of Street lights . i shot it down yesterday . :eyesmoke:
    here are some pics of it im posting
    buds are small . i have no idea . how much they are gna grow and how time ..
    your inputs are welcome..

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    baseless Member

    Whats good guys, been lurking the page for years. Gonna be making a thread and journal, growing in 6x6x6 rockwool with drip lines. 3600 watts led. Couple different strains.

    Growdad54 Member

    Hi everyone, hope you all had a good growing season this year. Having fun growing here in sunny California.I mostly grow in a home made cabinet, and sometimes outside when I get a chance. Just started experimenting with led,and hope to upgrade from 250w hps to a 400w cob light soon. Ive bread a few strains and cross a few to see if I can come up with something better than what I stared with. Wishing you all a marry Christmas and a happy new year.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Hello everyone and welcome to RIU! Remember that questions posted in the specific forums are viewed by many more members than here in the Intro thread. Use and work with the search feature, as most any question you can think of has already been asked and answered many times. Pictures of specific plant problems are almost required for members to help you. Any questions about site function are covered in the the Support forum. Have fun. Oh, and watch out for the Politics section ;)

    Trumpian420Grower New Member

    Howdy folks!
    I just signed up here. All of the best info from the research I've been doing seems to come from this site (last bit of info being the algae that grows on rapid rooters, that I thought was mold), so I picked this forum over all the other marijuana forums (You also have a political forum, so I can make everyone hate me LOL!)
    Right now, I'm about a week into my first grow (5 Crazy Miss Hyde(s) & 1 White Gold). I'm using the Growzilla 3.0 growbox. Aside from the algae, I noticed a tinge of yellow on the leaf tips. Both, I learned here was from too much water. I was a bit overzealous, & spraying the crap out of those seedlings.
    I'm doing things hydroponically & using all General Organics nutrients. I'm ready to transfer the seedlings into the net pots & start getting the hydroponic system rockin' & rollin'!
    People seem to say the whole "organic hydroponic" thing is stupid & a waste of money, I'm stubborn. I have always been a big fan of weed grown hydroponically, but I don't want it to "turn the friggin' frogs gay!" LOL!
    In all seriousness, I want it to be as clean as possible. If I lose a bit of quantity to do so, it's completely worth it to me.
    Also, I just ordered a pack of 5 CannaSutra seeds from Attitude Seeds. Only 2 more packs of 5 left & the Delta9 site is down. It's now or never for CannaSutra, folks. I've had a lot of crazy ideas for crossbreeding this plant, gonna use the colloidal silver method to make some feminized seeds... I need a lot to play with! ;-)
    Anyhoo, good to be here & I look forward to exchanging ideas.

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