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What dispensary has good clones?

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by milehighstoner!, May 16, 2016.


    Old-School Well-Known Member

    I have bought clones from TGS, never had a problem. Their strain selection is hit or miss; their own genetics.
    The 10 or so clones I have grown to harvest have had zero issues.
    i grow everglades bud

    i grow everglades bud Well-Known Member

    I have clones and teens, rooters, keg cups, 3 gals. Clean no pests, I have a strict IPM measures.
    I have bought a lot of clones from locals and shops, always garbage. I bought a grape punch from the clinic 2weeks ago... Mites like crazy.. It's ridiculous
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    NeWcS Well-Known Member

    I always have clones. i70 east
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    AlGore Well-Known Member

    I got PM from TGS clones. Scrapped a whole grow because of it.

    Old-School Well-Known Member

    That sucks!

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