What is a waterfarm?

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    Hey RIU, I've been a long time follower but never had the time or the space to grow. I just recently bought a GH waterfarm and i am using it for 2 beans of an unknown but good strain. I know I will need to get another one to place one plant in each but for now 1 will have to do. my question is how do i place the seedlings in the hydroton and where do i place them, outside or inside the ring ? how deep do i place them (they are 5'' tall) and what is ppm. this is my first grow and i can't afford to mess it up. any positive feedback is appreciated .

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    good stuff thanks much...

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    Hi celow,

    Below is a link to the scottyballs wf grow, this thread was my model for my first grow and there quite a few wf users on riu that swear by it as well. If you read it, it will answer all of your questions.




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    Good morning, thank you for all the information you have supplied. I am ready to start your new drip system with reservoir and wanted to ask you what brand adjustable water pump you use, and when attaching the 1/2" line to the drip ring, do you plug the airline hole above the drip line connection? Also not quite sure on the 45 degree connection works on the drip ring, is 45 degree over to the drip ring then another 45 degrees to bottom of drip ring? Would certainly appreciate you response. Thanks
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    just so you know, this thread is 5 years old. i would be surprised if these users are still around.

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    New to this, first post, thanks for the tip!
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