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What will legal marijuana mean for safety sensitive jobs and drug testing?

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by ThcGuy, Jul 16, 2017.


    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    This is news to me and I'm not convinced it's correct. The new rules regarding re-legalization are yet in the fermenting stage and not even close to being laws and I seriously doubt that Trudeau the 2nd will pull it off by next Cannabis Day on July 1.

    I'm not calling BS here but it's way too early to be counting your chickens as yet. If he prorogues the gov't all the work done in parliament to push forward re-legalization goes right back to square 1 and the process starts anew. There is still the details about international drug laws that Canada signed decades ago that have to be dealt with yet and that's like opting out of NATO if we just say FU and it's legal here now.

    Trudeau is just another lying, rat-bastard LibTard like his old man who was PM when I was about 13. I've voted a straight NDP ticket since I was old enough to vote. I miss Jack Layton so much. He would have had this crap done years ago.

    Good luck to us all!

    rollersmokergirl Member

    It's madness how it got into the narcotic list without any solid base! A lot of scientists' studies have been held back by the criminalization of weed. Outrageous!

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the nanogram limit will be for oxys and other doctor prescribed narcotics. Funny we haven't heard anything about that.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    All kinds of measures are taken to control narcotics.

    When I was in Florida they were dispensing in a package that only allowed the patient to ingest what was perscribed. It supposedly destroyed the meds if tampered with. I never saw it though. I don't take pain meds much. They make me sick.

    And of course the prescription laws themselves are meant to regulate use.

    But people will always find a black market for what they want anyway.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Are you referring to mmj?

    Florida was, and is, the opiate capitol of america. They had "pain" clinics that would legally prescribe 3000 oxy's per patient. There was no cross tracking so you could go to multiple pharmacies.

    It was mule heaven.

    They tightened it up, but it is apparently still possible to get crazy amounts of pain pills prescribed.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    Are you fucking retarded?

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