Where to buy Mammoth P Microbes in Canada?

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    @Kalonji if you check out growmau5's latest youtube vid he shows a comparison of the Mammoth P. He grows in coco and I guess like all things all conditions must be optimum to make use of these extra additives. Its about 2:45m into the vid. Its not a dedicated vid for mammoth P though.

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    I have been enjoying it
    Bank Breaker

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    Anyone here used Mammoth P after they've used other forms of bacteria?? Because being in Canada, not only is it hard to get, international shipping is kinda of expensive. I get that growmau5 had great results with it, but did he try any other form of bacteria? I saw that same video, he admitted it wasn't a fair side by side, but from what he saw, it clearly made a huge difference. I just didn't hear him compare Mammoth P to anything else.

    These products include anything from but not limited to:

    -Plant Success Soluble (black powder one),
    -Plant Success: Great White (tried and true white powder) or Orca which is their new liquid version that sells on amazon.ca (very very concentrated liquid just like Mammoth P, but I feel like it looks and sounds thicker)
    -GH SubCulture B and M
    -AN Voodoo, Piranha, Tarantula and Microbial Munch *the BEST thing i've used/seen to date. Mixes very easily, clean to use, never left crap on my roots or buckets. But it's too expensive for what I need it for.

    I named these because I actually bought them and tested or in the middle of testing these new products. I started out with GH Sub Culture. Grow shop was kind enough to give me one of each to try. First time using this kind of product, so I had nothing to compare it to, but it most definitely made a difference in my root mass as well as the plants loving it after the transplant.

    Great White seems to be your best bang for buck. Plant Success: Soluble is cheaper alternative and I suggest using it in soil over hydro app (not that you can't). I'm debating whether to even spend money on Orca as my overall replacement for microbes and stuff because GW works great. When GW runs out, I'll give ORCA a run. Closest thing I've found that's even close to MP in liquid form. It's just not organic.
    I just thought about using Mammoth P as a replacement because I've heard RAVES about this product, and you use so little. Look how clean it looks. It's just a bitch to get in Canada.
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    Bank Breaker

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    What I would like to know is.. are they still giving out free samples :D

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    the guy at my local hydro store tried to sell this to me last time i was in. gave the spiel that this was the one thing he'd never give up in his nute regimen. then we got to the price: 75 for a liter i think he said.

    here's what i used in my veggie garden this past season and it was much cheaper. i think there is even a way to make your own.

    Tera Ganix EM-1 microbial innoculant. do a google search and see if you can find how to make your own. i found it a while ago and it seemed fairly easy to DIY
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I use hydroguard and the last time I ordered it it was 65 a gallon Canadian so yes expensive. I have a bag of Oregonism xl that I'm going to try next run (hopefully soon) and see if it works. I do love my hydroguard though :), I get three runs of 6 plants each from the gallon and I think I was using a higher mix ratio than needed

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    I use it and will not grow without it anymore. I've also use great white, stump tea, recharge and about a handful of others. Mammoth has been the one thing I continue to use. It does a good job bringing the colors out of a strain if it has those tendencies. I have seen marked increases in final weight as well( based on growing the same strain with and without all were from the same mother too) root structure is insane in soil. Very little goes a long drive as well. They do offer free samples they had sent me two 2oz bottles and one of the 80 dollar bottles. But like anything you add to your grow you need to make sure your grow is already on point and maxed at its current state. I mean nothing is the ultimate magic trick or pill but some think that way. All in all it's a good product worth the money imo.
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    DrBlaze Well-Known Member

    Yes he uses Recharge regularly, so has tons of beneficials, but the MammothP with its colonies of phosphorus solubilizing bacteria provided a level of growth in flower that he wasn't getting before.
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    Bank Breaker

    Bank Breaker Well-Known Member

    Thast was a good answer.. tyty!

    Kush_Dabz Member

    Hey were do you order your hydroguard in Canada? I might try it out
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    You don't :(, seems it's been banned :(. I'm trying to find a replacement that doesn't cost an astronomical amount. I just started a run without any microbes so we'll see how it pans out.

    Kush_Dabz Member

    bummer. What an asshole that would ban a such thing.. are there other good affordable bacterial product that we can get in Canada?

    Temis420(Qc) Member

    Order it from amazon.com. but they only have it in 1000 ml for international shipping so it cost me 250$ :S

    Nameless' Member

    GreatWhite is supposed to contains the same bacteria as Hydroguard, you might have a look at it. I'm looking for Mammoth P in Europe but so far can't find it :(

    sleepless_canuck Well-Known Member

    Just sent me one

    mjinc Well-Known Member

    So far outside of the Americas it doesn't seem to be available. I'm not sure if that is due to regulations, not having distributors setup or the companies decision but when I emailed them it seems to be in the works for this year
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    Nameless' Member

    Yeah I sent them an email as well and they told me they're currently speaking with some Europeans distributors and hope to have it there in the next months so let's see !
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