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    Nik420 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I bought a 2' x 2.5' x 6'11" Gorilla Grow Tent

    I'll try and make this as clear as possible so you can understand what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks guys.

    The grow is inside an apartment, Am putting the tent inside a bathroom, the bathroom is inside a Room.

    Now the Room has sizable window and the bathroom has a small window, both lead to outside of the building.

    Am trying to figure out where to put the exhaust after its filtered by a Phresh 4" x 20". If I put it off the little window from the bathroom it looks a bit funny and am not in a high floor. Also afraid it might smell a little bit, although am not sure since this is my first grow.

    There is another option. The room has a closet about 6' long x 1.5' wide x 6' height. This closet has a gypsum wall that shares this wall with a piece of the bathroom ceiling.

    So I was thinking in ducting from the bathroom tent through the gypsum wall into the closet. Is this possible?

    Since I live in a tropical area, I might need to use the AC from the Room with the bathroom door open to keep temps down, if the closet is in the room and exhaust is going in the closet, will this affect in some way?

    Am leaving the little window from the bathroom a bit open to have fresh air, this will be cooled by the AC from the Room.

    Will this plan work?

    thanks in advance,

    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    A pic is worth a thousand words, I know that windows in apt buildings look funny and appealing to thieves when they are cracked or opened fully up. What kind of lighting are you going to use? COB led's run pretty cool and depending on total watts of them you wont need cooling for the lighting, It's much easier to bring fresh air in then hot air out.

    Nik420 New Member

    Yeah am using COBS about 250W (5)50W from Timber.

    My ambient in the room has to be around 78F with the AC I can control a better temp on the grow tent and try and level them at about 75F inside the tent which I think its ideal for the ladies, specially now in summer.

    I don't leave on the lower level of the building but about 25ft up from the social area which is still 60 ft from ground level, thieves wont be a problem ;)

    Am worried about odors, so my question is if by putting the exhaust (with carbon filter + 175cfm fan) straight into the closet I mentioned in my OP will be a problem.

    This closet is inside the Room with the AC and the bathroom has a little window that can be used for intake of fresh air. Am just wondering if by combining cool AC air from the room with the bathroom (remember the tent is inside the bathroom) and having the closet ( which is in the room with an exhaust duct from the tent inside the bathroom) inside the room will affect the grow in any way.

    So, will particles from the exhaust inside the closet infiltrate and contaminate my air inside the room thus contaminating the intake for the grow tent inside the bathroom?

    hope this makes sense

    thanks for the help!

    PS: i'll try and get a pic tomorrow
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    Nik420 New Member

    I guess the 4"x20" Phresh filter will be effective with no smells at all, specially for a small grow tent like mine.

    So I might stick with the bathroom and stealth/vent attached to small window that leads to outside the building.

    Thanks again for the tips
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    I'd get an extra door the same size as the one in your bathroom, get a (for lack of proper term) "thingy" that will screw into you door and accept the round duct and make it able to attach to the door. They are easy to locate in the duct Isle. Then if your venting to your room you can still use the window of the bathroom for the a/c, if people come over you can hang a poster on the bathroom door and turn off the room so it's not humming.

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