Yeah! It's Bud Worm Season. Pics

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by CrazyChester, Sep 11, 2008.


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    Yeah mother nature will force our hand from time to time. No rot, these were tiny, almost like an inch worm. I didn't let them get big maybe. what's good protection from worms?
    sandhill larry

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    If there is any worm shit in the buds, you may get rot on down the road.

    Google BT. That is what most folks use in one form or the other for their IPM.
    Sir Napsalot

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    Mosquito netting enclosure
    bug zapper

    jbcCT Member

    The afflicted areas we're small enough to cut out, taking the little black worm shit with it. Took forever to trim as I went over it with magnifying glass, wanted the cleanest product possible. Most plants were worm free.

    I ran 100%Afghan and these suckers were not only resilient against pests, they were most happy in 90-95 degree summer sun and they liked it on the dry side water wise.
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    Sorry to hear about the worms, you got a pretty looking lady.:clap:

    dano88 Member

    Never heard of that only snailsand they like smaller juicer plants I find.

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