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Yellowing on outdoor plants

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by JNxKushxKing, Sep 11, 2017.


    trippnface Well-Known Member

    not sure how long everyone has been growing; but flushing plants and haveing the leaves fade in flower is absolutely normal.

    your plant should never be green and vibrant come flower; it should be on it's last legs; dying; putting everything into the bud.
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    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Thank you, so being knowledgeable, this comment made my day so much better lol

    The leaves are how i tell its ready, when my plants are in full bloom, 1 week away from harvest they look like .. the buds are amazing the leaves and plant matter is dying and falling off, because it used all the energy that it had left to fatten the bud.
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    JNxKushxKing Active Member

    by bloom boosters i meant more specific actually like organic bloom amendments to get your buds big in fllower, ive been feeding the soil mix guano, kelp and molassess in waterings and uaing guano as a tip dressing for flowering, just wondering what else everyone else uses to feed plants organically outdoors in flower
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    Sir Napsalot

    Sir Napsalot Well-Known Member


    trippnface Well-Known Member

    I mean; I would def agree the posters plants could have definitely used more Nitrogen early on; but flush all the way towards the end is my philosophy.

    hell yea; i feel ya
    still hear it thrown around that organic farmers don't need to flush and that is just such bs! our ladies need to know it is almost death/ harvest time; don't want em loaded up with nutes so close to the end.

    I will try to snap a pic of one of my flushing ladies. i try to flush nothing but straight water for 3 weeks.
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    Kyle vantassell

    Kyle vantassell Member

    Its normal no doubt in flowering ,in veg not so good
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    JNxKushxKing Active Member

    sounds goood, yeah they were nice green healthy color whole life, i fine once flowering hits though after a few eeks in it yellows up and sheds overtime
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    JNxKushxKing Active Member

    My sour D plants even are yellowing up a goid bit now buts only a cpl weeks away from harvest and getting flushed now

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