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    hey it was a cool idea though, i mean it looks like it would provide a lot of oxygen to the roots.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Without a doubt. The next closest thing would be a fabric pot. Or an airpot.

    The only way I'd use it again. Is if I lined it with fabric. Or shadecloth. Just anything to keep the dirt in. But still let it breathe.

    The new pot isn't much better. Kinda went full retard with the hole sizes. But, it is square. And it holds about 20L. Which is a big plus over my piddly 8L currently being used.
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Here's one I tried growing about 2-3 years ago. It looked that good the entire grow until one 46°c summer day...

    Basically I'd woken up late. Had a mad rush to get ready for work. And didn't realize I'd forgotten to bring in my plant til I was just about at work.

    I got home at the end of the day. And it was a lot more yellow looking. And laying pretty much dead flat against the soil. It didn't recover.

    I used a similar base mix to the one I'm currently using. Regular organic garden bed mix and coco coir.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Today I added a mediocre attempt at getting more yield with one of my lamps I had laying around. Added a whopping 11W of additional LED light. 3k spectra I believe. I might get a whole two sugar leaves more naow! 20161218_222745.jpg let's hope my next grow goes better than this lolfest.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Ramped up the light a further 10-15% on all channels too. I'm determined to get a little bit more out of this if I can. Especially if I've only got another couple weeks left before the chop.

    Veg @ 45%, Grow @ 60% & Bloom @ 100%... Still has the 11w 3k LED globe off the side too. 20161218_225235.jpg
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    Decided to drop another two mystery beans for my next run. I've got better shit to plant now. But, no point starting those until I'm able to get a better result on regular beans first. Otherwise I may as well be throwing my cash out the window.

    I'll put them in their own 5L buckets and lst-mainline just like I did with this run. Probably even go the same veg time. Here's hoping I don't get any males. Or fekkin giants!

    Still looking to upgrade my lighting too. Might just get some hanging light bases and stuff a couple cfl bulbs in there. Just for a temporary fix.

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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Good luck and may patience be with you! Just try to learn as much as you can and keep learning, and you'll get there
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    That's the intent brother. Get smart or go home... wait. I am home. Fuck!

    I'm not unimpressed with what I'm seeing so far. But in all honesty. I would've loved double what's in there.

    I think it's a mix of me piss farting around with the plant too much. And not enough light.

    Ideally I want an additional 200w of CXB3590's. But, that's $500 I just don't have. Hence the probability of throwing 4 or so cfls into the mix just for a temporary fix.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Hey peeps. I've been sampling the Sativa.
    And I got an idea.

    If I buffed the lighting with about 4x 20W cfl bulbs. Two in 3000- 3500K & the other two in 5000k. Would this add all that much more flowers in typical circumstances?

    I would have liked to just do 4x Cree 3590 chips. Same spectra as above. Buuuuuut. I don't have the cash. Because reasons...

    I'd probably have to install a 3-4" galley fan. That way I can add a small charcoal filter. Still thinking about going a taller cabinet.

    Thoughts and input, anyone?

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    What's Crackalackin folks?
    I thought I'd share some soft core bud pr0n with you lot.

    Have a look through and let me know how long you think I've got left before harvest. She's 4mths all up. Maybe a little more.
    20161221_135151.jpg 20161221_135106.jpg 20161221_135343.jpg 20161221_135218.jpg
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    Bigworm_420 Member

    Hey bud, congrats on going the distance and flowering those bitches! As you said, you may not get much weed wise but the experience youve gained and knowledge youve picked up is invaluable! I've recently started a bucket myself and your plants look about the right size I would want to finish with. Was it an indica or sativa strain? How long did you veg for man? Nice one ✌
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Cheers man. I'm actually surprised I managed to get there.

    I don't know what it is that I'm growing. It's one of the seeds I got from a baggie ages ago.

    She stayed relatively short before I topped her. So I'm guessing a squat Indica of some sort.

    Nodal spacing was really tight. And low smell. I'd say she's pretty hardy too. She had to put up with me growing her.
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I vegged for about 2.5 months. But, I'd topped it a few times to get more heads.
    She's got 5 3/4 thumb sized buds. And a whole bunch of larfy little buds.
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Great looking buds but I think you have at least 3 weeks left. Frosty as hell though. Have you looked at the glands yet?

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about getting a cheap LED light? It's not a Cree but it'd be for a fraction of the price and you'd get way better yields and quality than CFL's

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    3 weeks... Hmmm. Was hoping for two.

    My primary light is a 90w COB. Those CFLs were booster lights. 31w extra between them.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Didn't use those up until 3 days ago. Have since stopped using them. They're not stable enough.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    24Dec Update.

    She's slowly brownin up those hairs. And she's more pungent. Still just sweet, sweet cannabis. But, smelly none the less.

    Sitting at about 32°c right now. 40% rh. But still looks fine. As do her now nicely sized nugs. Almost looks like a Fiddy bag on her. Plus extra in larfy bud.

    I'm happy with this run. Didn't quite get what id thought. But got more than minimum expected. And I learned a butt load.

    Let me know when I'm ready to chop. I've been told another 2 weeks. Which is fine.

    Cheers for the help @VenomGrower6990 @moondance @Olive Drab Green @THE KONASSURE @WaxertheRadical @claypipe69 @DankTankerous

    Happy Holidays folks.

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    Nice Work! sorry I didnt check in more to see the grow progress. She is looking sweet, I would say a week by the way the leaves are getting eaten up, but the tricks will tell ya lol. I just cut 3 in one night cause they all hit the window I like to have of all milky cloudy so they came down. Keep up the great work! MD
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    THE KONASSURE Well-Known Member

    Looking good man..... like 3 to 4 weeks depending how you finish them ? I`d run them till that yellowing gets to the upper fan leaves, if the sugar leaf starts to yellow that`s too much hassle trimming it

    So yeah I`d take 2 to 4 weeks to finish that now depending on how low my personal jar`s were looking, lol

    Might be time to step up to 150w or 300w of cob man you do a lot of work for a small plant I mean I hurt my back and find them more hassle than bigger plants for sure..... microcabs are fun but they can be more work that growing a 1kg+ plant can be
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