Journal entries by Ringsixty

  1. Making new crosses and original strain seed stock, this round. Banana Kush LSD Crosses Banana Kush x LSD LSD x Banana Kush Banana Kush x my strain ( Animal Cookie x Chinese Yunnan) LSD x my strain ( Animal Cookie x Chinese Yunnan)
  2. 12 days flower, going great so far.
  3. 6 days into flowering.
  4. Finished Vegging under my Cheap LED Lights. Time to Flip them.:blsmoke: Got my Clones for making FEM seeds for each Strain and to do some Crossings. Crossings will be LSD x Banana Kush and crossing Banana Kush with my own Animal cookie x Chinese Yunnan
  5. I have been growing for years under my home in designated tiny area, medical legal. Never thought of expanding my grow area. Till this morning, Ha Thinking to myself, do I need more space. Hell yes. Can't go up. Limited ceiling height 5'. But I could increase floor space. Asked myself. Do you...
  6. 1 LSD - Topped, FIM and LST 1 Banana Kush - Topped 33 days in Veg - Probably going to Veg for another month before flip. Need to collect some clones to make seeds and crosses.:weed: 18 days in Veg. Had a bit of a Def problem. I was neglecting them. Became root bound. Corrections made,...
  7. Starting to pick my Fem F4 seed cross Animal Cookie X Chinese Yunnan. Got some big fat seeds for my stock:bigjoint: Thinking about Crossing My LSD with this new seed stock[ATTACH] . See what freak I can get, ha
  8. Almost ready to bottle. [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  9. She is almost done. Cut off nutes, flushed last week. She be sucking all the nutes from the leaves. Think maybe in a few days I will cut her down. Took a small bud from the bottom the other day. Tested a small pinch. I always test with a small pinch, Never a bowl. That way I can judge the...
  10. My seed stock girl is almost done. Maybe a week or two to go.:clap: [ATTACH] Calyx are splitting
  11. Still going, week 5. Some minor nute def. But, all's good.
  12. Start of another New Grow. 6 Days above ground.:clap: Enjoying the Wonderful Hawaiian Sunshine. LSD BANANA KUSH
  13. Here are my entries into whitebb2727 greatest party cup grow off of 2018. BANANA KUSH Beans in, now got to wait and see who sprouts. Using some old left over stock.
  14. [ATTACH] 4 Weeks Flower Animal Cookie x Chinese Yunnan . :bigjoint: Going to do a little trimming to the bottom side tomorrow. :P [ATTACH]
  15. Time to make more seed stock. CS a clone of my Animal Cookie x Yunnan. Soon will be knocking up the other clone and collecting some pollen for other crosses later, maybe.