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  1. Level up ! Money Maker is now also know as Big Betty, Golden goat so pretty looks like a little Christmas tree , comparison shot of all 3 of them and lol Big Betty is a beast. Got some real good pictures , comments welcome , thanks all! Todays Rez change day for MM , 2.5 gal of R/O water with...
  2. Money Maker, in water farm giant plant, takes up 3/4ths of the tent and I had to angle both my panels towards her to get more light, golden goat taller sativa plant with large top cola development, SB in the back just put in yesterday no signs of buds yet. Suggestions are welcome , as well as...
  3. Got a seed of Razzleberry in a bag of weed I bought from a dispensary just started germinating, more updates to follow.
  4. Money Maker is starting to take over my entire tent, stealing the other 2 plants light and becoming a real nuisance to deal with, just changed her rez and she has roots that are the size of my entire 2.5 gal rez super white roots so its healthy great signs so far.
  5. Money Maker is gigantic , golden goat is a pretty little girl :) Yea that's just 1 plant that's that big it is hugemoungous.
  6. Rez change today on money maker calyx on this plant grows very strangely seems to almost grow sideways. Money Maker is a really large plant for an indica I would say its about a meter squared at the top.
  7. Money Maker is fucking huge probably about 2 and a half feet across and 2 foot tall, leaves are enormous. Golden Goat looking pretty little buds appearing everywhere.
  8. Sunday here's pics shes budding and getting huge!
  9. So ive never seen this before but my plant has roots coming out of the hydroponic medium like 2 inches up they are big healthy roots? heres a pic
  10. Foliar Spray today of CO2 enriched water, took a dead leaf off the bottom, fed golden goat and pineapple funk.
  11. New light setup check out the girls( Money Maker in the water farm, Golden goat is the smallest sativa looking one and pineapple funk in the back blooming ).
  12. Bush phenotype Money Maker seeing some stretching but it is very minor. Pfunk in the back with the ion 8 little crispy but fixed now think I went too heavy on the nutes or possible PH burn from a previous flush with tap water (now using RO water).
  13. So this is my money maker plant phenotype 1 (I call it phenotype bush). So sit back, relax and get comfortable.
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