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    Best way to use Jack's Classic Fertilizer

    Good evening. This question is for DWC user. I'm about to put a PPP and a Master Kush in Bloom cycle using Jack's Hydro nuts. I've used 5-12-26 and 15-0-0 in a 2/1 ratio for the 7 weeks of veg to a maximum ppm of 750. Question: - what should be the ratio of 10-30-20 / 15-0-0 and 5-12-26 during...
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    Salut cousin! Juste de passage et j'en profite pour de souhaiter d'excellente fête. Salutation...

    Salut cousin! Juste de passage et j'en profite pour de souhaiter d'excellente fête. Salutation de Montréal :-)
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    Northern Lights

    BTW I will be making Bubble H out of 6 of those jars previously posted using Frenchy's method :joint: :peace:
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    Northern Lights

    My first DWC grow ever!!! It's curing since Nov. 29th of this year Tasting the fruit of my labour :joint: :peace:
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    Jack's Classic vs Advanced vs Fox Farm Nutes

    @maximum That combination you indicated would be for Veg, right? What about the bloom cycle? What would you suggest from Jack's? any supplements required? BTW I grow in DWC!
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    force flower for seedling

    To determine sex when we switch to 12/12 (after proper vegetation) does HPS light has to be used absolutely OR MH or even 200w CFL 6500°K could be used instead? So basically my question comes down to: is it only question of light cycle and/or °K or both? Thanks
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    How To: DWC

    Void I've read the whole thread and I'm about to do exactly what you are doing but using a tent 3x3x7. I just drop in on you thread this evening! I've been reading about DWC (bubbler) for some time now. Other then controlling the ph and the nutes (PPM) the only serious problem that I've read...
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    Cannabis Botany 4th Edition - Free to download

    I finish reading your document. I found it very informative. Even If I don't grow in earth (except my mother plant for clones) I was able to take and leave some of the info. My set up is much less complex (5 plants Hydro-Bubbler-200w CFL 6500-400w HPS) then yours but still yours is very logical...
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    Welcome New Members!

    It started with pure curiosity and the will of NOT WANTING TO PAY FOR IT ANYMORE:clap: I got a copy of Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible and been reading about IT on different forums for the last 3 months. I also have to admit that I never really had "the Green...
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    Dwc Grow Club

    Cool video Winter.....did you write the soundtrack?
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    Dwc Grow Club

    I was actually wondering the same thing. Thanks trouble. It's funny since you mentioned "your old Lady" I was watching an old episode of Greg Ferguson aka The Late Late Late Late....... and one of the female guess was mentioning in passing that one of her ex boyfriend was growing wed in a closet...
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    Happy new years~!!!

    Excellent! :peace:
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    Area per plant?

    I was actually wondering the same thing. Can you define what SOG exactly mean?
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    Sannies seeds all the way

    After opening an account with Sensi this morning I discovered that they don't ship seeds to Canada :neutral: I'm not happy :evil:
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    Dwc Grow Club

    Thank you for your enquiry. I'm about to put together my first DWC system ever and thanks to people like you I have accumulated and sort out alot of different type of information on DWC. Questions: - my first question his in relation to water temperature in those individual buckets. What is the...