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  • no never gave me a problem wait ontil its completely dry to water i veg for 1 1/2 to 2 months i never check ph or nothing like that i try to kept it simple and it works pretty good for me
    Have miracle grow organic potting gave you a problem before and i have miracle gro organic soil is that still ok for indoor grow?do you still use vermiculite if you do which one could i buy from homedepot?do you wait ontil its completely dry to water or before its dryes up to water?How long do you usaully veg for before going into flowering now compare to when you use to do it with cfl. by doing it this way organic do you usaully have to keep your eye on ph or do it kinda adjust it self how it organic?your a great help and sorry for the too many question
    i new can you give me better description plz which miracle grow organic you use perlite and peat moss what light and how much you mix of each because i want to know if it ok to use just the 6-7 cfl or hps 150 watt i just need you to help me a little i really want to grow some but keep failing and read alot of info i really need your help because my method is close to your and you grow sexy bud and would horiticultural perlite work?
    of course vazq6554 my way of doing the mix is equal parts of perlite peat moss or coco coir and miracle gro the soil alone is 2 strong oh and wait until is dry to water again
    hope this help
    i have question to ask you i need help i use miracle gro organic to grow this gonna be my second attemp first time my leaf at the bottom started getting yellow all the way up and died i want to see if you can help me get it right this time i have cfl light 26 watts 6-7 of them and one hps 150watt light help plz give me a hand of how to do it your way i like how your turns out right now im gemanating 2 sourflame og
    im inviting people to my thread to post the best buds or pics they have if u want to post post on last page of doggies nuts thread on the general marijuana forum mate...hope to see you there..
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