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  • Thanks amigo. Im trying to but its rejecting the Referrer name of xSLAYERx. Do you go by a different handle of the Spanyards site? Having a little Hydro trouble at mo so it'd be good to test the waters with a question once I can log in.
    Thanks for the invite we are officially friends now. I tried some of the MK today & even dried in the microwave one cone fair destroyed me. The shit is too strong. Still a bit groggy 5 hours later
    Ahh, now I remember . that was a long time ago dude. Deadvet went back to USA after he split from his mrs and the site went down because of a lack of funds to support the server.
    I cant recall dude. I was the idiot that was growing shit in a cardboard box under a 150watt HPS. You took pitty on me and mailed a seed of Big Stone(i think) to me. It failed to germ & i packed the growing in until now. Much easier to get rsults these days with heavy indicas & some good MK Ultra will be ready For plucking on 10 Jan. Shrs a frosty bitch even under 192 watts of CFL. What ever happened to Celtic Stone? Busted I assume...
    Celtic Stone, that's a blast from the past. I only used that username at . What was your username ?
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