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    BaRabus replied to the thread New Rolling tray.
    Yoooo..NIce work my man..LOL I paid $6 for my tray/ Crawfish boil tray I found at Academy.. I would NEVER pay that much for a...
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    BaRabus replied to the thread Orange long tailed scorion.
    FYI These are SOME of the smartest plant growers on the net...Many with Bad Attitude, cause they sell more than they But...
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    Week 16 Day 112 WEEK 7 FLOWER okay so I started Pumping my Girls like The Old Lady Did Hansel & Gretel FULL OF SWEETS and they Reacted...
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    Week 15 Day 105 WEEK 6 FLOWER Wow back again with a 2 Week Update Not much changed but I started defoliation late but here and there to...
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