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  • Hey Beaver, reading some threads in tga super soil charge pack. How is that charge pack working with roots 707. Im interested in starting a super soil with the pack and 707.
    Hey BeaverHunter what's going in? Brand new here, posted on an old forum for this, but do you know if Dr Price is still around and doing his thing? I was looking to see what the experience was like or any info that will help. I have back and neck pain
    hey saw you commenting in a push v pull thread, you said always pull. does this apply to filters too? if so, why? I wanted to push my air with a 6" inline reduced to a 4" DIY filter so that I'm moving more air because of the reduction in flow size.
    lol accidentally gave you the rep comment for LV's highlighting skill, but hey nevertheless was +reppin you but got you 2 mixed up on the rep comment section LOL blazed...:bigjoint:
    hey. I'm a patient and I'm looking to try my hand at growing. I'd like to see if you could help me with getting some clones for that purpose. I'd like no more than five, I'm not ready for a big time, just some outdoors easys. If you know where I can get clones that'd be greatly appreciated. thanks.
    i NO I SAW A COUPLE MITES! but no man IT WAS THE SCARIEST THING hahah i jumped back because i thought it was dead! but it moved and it was hoovering over 3-4 orange little balls OMG SO UGLY ...HAD TO BE FUNGUS GNATS RIGHT ??? BECAUSE THE GNAT WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT IT AND BASICALly riGHT ON TOP OF THEm!
    whats good wit u beaver ? i was just wondering wtfff is up with this

    so i looked on my plant today and saw on my top fan leaf crease a FUCKIN FUNGUS GNAT laying babyss (like orange little balls bout haf the size of a fungus gnat!!!) and also where the fungus gnat was the leaf under was like bruised and yellow ??? i thought they dont eat leafs ! these fuckers are so ugly!!!
    Love your fucking profile picture! If I was a sith I would light my weed all the time with my lightsaber! lol
    Yea, it's by far my favorite hydro store. I like how they carry both sunlight supply and hydrofarm. They have good prices and the staff actually tends to customers.
    No I didnt see her. Dude that store is amazes me they sell Mini Split AC's and they even sell the " grow bot" expensive pieces for growing indoors.
    I'm currently expanding my setup to a 110" x 190" sealed room, will be running 8 ) 1000w air cooled lights. 2) 747 cfm blowers pulling air through a straight row of 4 lights each, at the end of the 4th light the ducting will continue to the outside of the tent. I'll have a 559cfm scrubber setup sitting on the floor on one end of the room, and an ac unit/dehumidifier at the other end. Should the exhaust of the scrubber also run to the outside of the tent and only run for a few minutes every couple hours, or should it run 24/7 but recycle the clean air back into the tent...? and what basic co2 setup would you recommend for this size tent (72 plants) Thanks for any help man!!
    Hey bro, you seem to know a lot about using co2. I am about to add it to my set up but haven't quite figured out the best way to do it.. if you don't mind please msg me and i'll explain my set up and see what you think will work best.. thanks!
    Your grows always look good man keep up the good work... I went and told him bout that lemon haze he said right on... Seeds should be here in a few weeks...
    whats up beaverhunter. i also live in the desert, this is my first grow. about to harvest soon. it seems that i can only get the room up to 30-40 % RM. thinking about humidifier to add to the room when drying. how long does it take to dry in the desert. and what is your temp and RM. (also having trouble clonning) trying a heating pad. dome, and now i am misting with water, twice a day, this seems to help. but the stem seems to get floppy. limp.
    hi I am just getting on this site i am a award winning grower with strains that are though to be exstinct . I am trying to find people there who are interested in legal grows any info would be great .
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