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  • The Elite Rolling Society is no longer available. It was an experiment several years ago, and I don't think it will return.

    Well, it dosent really work like that. Everyone has their own locker, some have a whole room, depends on how much you want to spend. Each locker has your paperwork taped to the outside, and locked, you only owning the key. Its all about learning to DIY, and he helps, but has his own person to grow for. The way i saw the law, you are only allowed 15 plants PP. But you are only allowed 30 total, 15 is for the other med card holder. The rooms may fit 8 trees(big plants, unlike mine), and mine may push 6 if you do it rite(like the PH'ed water trick you told me), so they stay short, but full. Its a risky deal rite now, because every grow is diffrent! But this is my second grow, and i like doing it! Im in Sedro wooley, dont know if you know where that is, but its a hick town, by Burlington.
    Its the whole set up, the steel locker, the electricity, water, ect,,its all set up ready to add nutes, babies, ans a bulb. Its $180 a month, so i figure as long as i have 2 ounces of quality smoke its paid for its self.
    Now why do you say pay to have it somewhere else? I have kids, i am buying my home, and want no way of them thinking i payed for it from drugs, and if they want to pull a shotgun at the rental space, i dont have murder charges on me, over plants! This guy that is renting the space is smart!!! He went directly to Sno, Skagit, and Whatcom countys DEA, drug taskforce, and local police/sheriffs to approve the grounds, so they have a control on where, and how much is grown. to me its worth the money.
    Just one 600HPS, its all rented, except i pay for bulbs, babies, and nutes. I wanted to go 6, and keep them small(1 week in veg) the trim lower branches before flower.But i was away for a week, and went too long(2 weeks in veg).
    But we will see, friend stopped by, and looked in on my closet, said its bulking fast, in 2 days, it drank 3 gallons, of new bumped up nute batch!
    TIGHT YO!!lol
    I never heard this!
    I will try on my next grow!!!! How long would you go in veg then, i went 2 weeks, maybe 10 days?= Nice height, less leaf, more bud!
    Thanks for the tip!!!
    Thanks for the reply.
    As for Nute soup, its the recipe for success kit, in 10 gallon batches. (i guess i need to start learning the PPM# thing). I just found out, i got about 4 weeks to go. This gives the 65+ days for my strain.
    I was just SHOCKED when i saw anothers closet, with only 3 weeks in flower, and 3x the buds i have, same strain, same closet, light, ect. But you made me a believer that they will bulk in the next 3-4 weeks!
    Have started a journal, comment if you could,,,
    Hey, I see you are in the PNW, as i am too. I am growing in a storage building in Sedro Wooley. I have been using the Recipe for success kits, and just not getting the Thick buds i am looking for. Plants seem healthy(i dont ppm#'s, as i make a 10 gallon res. with 1/8 and 1/3 cups ratio of nutes. Just started with bud swell) verry green, and healthy thick stocks.
    Its in a closet with a res under a 3x4 tub, rockwool, and rock. I can understand that i went a bit too long each time in veg, but i cant seem to get the plants to add bulk.(more stem, than bulky bud)

    Any suggestions??
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