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  • Hey Bobo.. Thank you for the rep! Your Cheese album is very impressive my friend :eyesmoke: keep it up!!:peace:
    always thought about using a verticle screen for a stretchy sativa, looks like it could easily work like a vert grow. nice- rep.
    I think the scrog is definitely worth the work. As long as you don't hate doing it, I think it's the best way to train. Some people want a low maintinance grow so I understand wanting an easier way. If you do things right you get rid of popcorn buds all together. I was talking with some of the boys yesterday and none of us (including me) strayed away from my first two setups.

    My vert scrog bucket grow was a sight to behold. Definitely shows what training on a screen can do. That's the Casey Jones/ Sour Grape grow in my sig. Thanks for checking it out. Peace
    did you get the 16 foot sativa message ..i sent? ...holyshitzooooooo this monster is big ...gotta get a pic for you man.
    oh yeah ...badboys are loaded with fruit all sugar trichromes hella cured up ...had to get bigger mason jars wide mouth to accomododate them colas.
    wuts good whit ya bobo !
    "So what does putting all the fresh soil on top do for it? Does that fill in with roots eventually, too"
    When you start early it will fill in with roots, but if your in flowering I would ( I do ) add a nice mulch with plenty micro beasties and such. Help retain water and protects living soil
    Have you tried Smart Pots? I like them over air pots because unlike Airpots, smart pots being fabric, you can roll them down half way and have a 3 gal pot with a large base and height like you want. I prefer to take my fresh veggers from a 1 gallon and sit them in a 3 gal smart pot rolling half of it down so the roots expand out and the plant follows, then later I unroll fabric and fill in space with fresh soil.
    I have tried (many times) Supper Cropping, Topping, 4 top, Fim, pinching, etc. My best results every time come from FIM. I fim at 6-7 nodes high then much later when I go to transplant I take off the bottom branches and bury the plant deep so it looks like I have many branches coming out of soil. I prefer to fim twice mabe 3 but only if it's a sativa and a stretcher. Then I would fim 1 week before going 12/0
    KushMan Supper Cropping~No I have not got that far yet. I am still looking into others veganic grows. However I did watch a video on youtube , a seminar given by Soma himself and one subject he covered was S.C.I tried it on several plants/strains and I am not happy with the results I got.
    Veganics. Yeah I read a article on Kyle Bushman I think ? He had me intrigued and I have been reading up on it every since.
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