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    36x20x63 light size

    Definitely go 240watt. I have the same size tent for veg. I run 2 x 100 watt cobs in it for veg.
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    1200$ to spend on a new tent set up

    Make sure you have room to work around that 5x5. My buddy has a 5x5 it’s so close to The walls he only has one access door. Has a pain in the ass tending plants at the back. 3x3 and 4x4 you can reach still I find. 1200 is a decent budget. 400-500 for tent,fan,filter, timers and what not...
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    What size of pots do YOU use indoors?

    I’ve done soil in 3,5,7 and 15 gal. 4x 5gal in a 3x3 seams perfect with 6-8 weeks from seed.
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    Watering - 2 gallons per plant per day?

    I’ve had a 5gal perlite hempy that took 1.5gal a day in peak flower. That was a 3f wide 4.5ft tall plant. I also did a 1 plant 3x3 scrog that pulled 18oz In 15gal Promix. That plant was watered maybe every second day at its peak consumption. Some plants are thirsty some are not. Depends how...
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    When should I water

    This is sound advice.
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    Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (for ~40L/week)

    9 gal a week will cost you 5$ I would just buy the water by the 5gal jug. My town has lots of places that are 2$ a 5gal refill
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    Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (for ~40L/week)

    I also have a stealth RO 150. I filter my 250+\- ppm well water I only use it in my hempy buckets and drinking water. 10-15gal a week Takes about 1.5hr to fill a 5gal. But my water pressure is not in the best range. I get about a year out of my filters. No issues with it at all over 3-4 yrs
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    Need advice on what LED light to buy

    No hot spots. I have that Korona par app on my phone. I set the center at 1000-1100 PPFD and my outer edges of my 3x3 is around 800ppfd. I have a smaller light then I posted a link too. ( timber VS4) When I had my lights close enough to get 1300-1400 PPFD my plants weren’t happy. Droopy at...
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    Need advice on what LED light to buy

    I’ve had my timber the longest 3+ years now. Really happy thing them. Customer service was awesome too. Wish I had more room to buy more lol
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    Replacing ballasts every 2-3 months ... why???

    I would check your input voltage to the drivers when your lights are on. Low voltage causes higher amperage in turn causes more heat. Heat kills electronics. I seen this in my trade all the time.
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    Money no object LED

    The guy asked for recommendations. That’s what I did. These threads turn to shit from people like you.
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    Awesome man. Looks like it should be some nice buds in that frost.
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    Pros and cons of a perpetual flower room vs room where all plants finish at the same time?

    I run perpetually now with separate tents. I like cracking a Different bean every time. Chop one down and move one from veg to flower and start and new seed. I use to do veg then flower in the same tent. I also did full flower tent and a full veg tent going. Kinda cool pulling big weight...
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    question for my fellow growers

    Just trying to help someone with my experiences. Not down playing anything. Lighting is one of the biggest factors indoor. Maybe other places to save $ that won’t effect your grow. Like cheap tents or fans. Or using old 5gal pales to grow in. Lights Ph meter Nutrients Genetics. That’s...