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  • I was trolling a page and wondered if you decided on water cooler room? Everyone else on page isn't active anymore, sorry lol
    Been in bloom for 10 days. Lights on during day & goes off at 8pm.Temp in grow room is up to 89F as we approach summer. Want to changr cycle around to have the lights on at night- cooler outside temps. Can't do this gradually -will take to long &the heat is problem. Can I switch plants over in one go i.e let lights stay on 1 day for 24 hours & then switch back to the 12/12 cycle? Will this affect bloom process?
    I can't figure out how to send a pm can u send me one I wanted to ask u a couple questions about being a card holder in nv
    patient here in vegas been for a couple years, wondering if you had any suggestions on a soil grow here in vegas with a license, havent thought about growing till recently have a garage and ac/light/tent to set up but want to know whats a good soil and nutrients for a starter grow? thanks peace
    the pic is my album.. im not sure of any other way to send it to you. i labelled it as bush. the plant has been shedding lower leaves already on its own. its 2 weeks or so into bloom
    hye i have a question. do you trim the leaves below the stems that have the bud on it. my baby just became noticeable of being female. and a friend of mine told me that i can cut the leaf below that to help get a bit more thc to the bud. to me that sounds like alot of stress to the plant
    I use the MG since i have the ferts already. Kindof a ghetto grow. Ill have to find some. Alot of the stuff i see is hydro fert. Do you happen to know of any ferts ment for soil grows?
    Well I recently started my first grow. I've gon.e through ome trial and error and have to babies growing now. I upgraded to 100watt equivalent cfls but i my question is I had a bag of cactus palm citrus miraclegrow potting soil. Its moisture control soil wth sphagnum moss perilite and composted forest material. And I'm using 30-10-10 fr fert from miracle grow. Does any of this raise issues to you?
    hey, i saw your replies on a few posts and there was reference to your grows on youtube but im currently unaware of how to locate your vids. if you wouldnt mind could you give me a refrence or a url
    Hey Bublonichronic:
    Have you've done a 24/0 cycle? I have a fan leave problem.
    Awesome man thank you......that's exactly what I was thinking and it helps me a lot. They diagram is awesome too easy for a stoner to figure out
    so do you vent your hot air out of the room? or does it just go into the room the tent is in? I'm talking about your dr150w...that's what you have right?
    Power africa is really good high, i havent taken her to her full potential yet...but this time imma try and let her go 10-11 weeks
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