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    One of each.For science..

    One of each.For science..
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    Hello first question

    Welcome,See @Indfireguy on outdoor growing.He grew some Fast Flowers this year.Some went longer than his regs.
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    Near harvest

    Good job!
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    Harley advocates increasing aeration by poking around and under the plant with a bamboo skewer.Maybe gets you a little help,eh
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    Any time ! appreciate your flowing style.

    Any time ! appreciate your flowing style.
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    ***DAT's Art Cave***

    Thanks SG
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    Drying at high humidity, low temperatures

    What you are proposing likely will work with airflow.I dried some at 68-70% Rh and it was 16 day dry on smaller Sativa buds.They felt like fresh for a couple days ,then the small leaves started to dry as the process contunued.Just be mindful this is a gamble.GL
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    Stealth ro150 membrane delete

    Hooha says a "housing" to mix hot and cold.Anything you use to mix them should not allow backflow.GL
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    Stealth ro150 membrane delete

    Make sure it has backflow prevention as hot water has more pressure and will backflow.
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    80F for seedlings
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    He who chases two rabbits usually ends up with none..Confucius
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    Why does it feel good to fight with people on the internet?

    Lol if i am its the one from Futurama,Bender.
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    Drunk and Disorderly

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    Aussie Growers Thread

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    Aussie Growers Thread