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    Rurumo's Mars Hydro FC6500 grow journal

    That widow is is amazing, looking forward to see her budding!
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    Is my plant ok?

    Wrong treatment obviously. With that potting-up you will have hard times to make it working right. You either do speed of light reasearch and decision if coco is suitable medium for you. If not repot to potting mix, shes still young… start with topping once you have healthy fast growing plant...
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    Is this light stress?

    Stupid advice all the way down
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    Canna Coco Issues

    I would not up anything 1,2 - 1,3 seems to more than enough in coco (at least for me). Use both at recommended RATIO. I do not see calcium issue since new growth looks pretty fine. Make sure the roots are not cold and go on. Coco sometimes need a litlle bit time to get it working how you want...
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    Leafes Turn Yellow... (>*.*)>

    Looks like you know what you are doing. I am NOT familiar to hydro-clay. To my eye it looks like magnesium. I would suggest CM to 0,3 than epsom salt till 0,5 and rest. Keep EC where it is. my noobish advice, maybe some hydro Geeez can provide more useful advice…
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    Help with watering

    What I see is either temperature issue or overloaded medium assuming you fed before. You most likely wont be able to handle watering in big pots with micro plants like this. Your fabric wont help either, they run cold as shit. Choose proper size of container or let them grow bigger. Also rise...
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    what is wrong with these ladies...

    I see the point if using it in some kind of DWC or recirculating systems but not in DTW and absolutely no point in soil. On the other hand I believe that if you know when and how to use it, you can take some real benefit of it. It just takes years of growing without and than years of growing...
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    what is wrong with these ladies...

    I dunno, no RO in my setup, but it can make sense. maybe… I would say hes just dicking around pH with silicates and pH down. Dude is just strictly following or feed schedule I guess. edit: problem solved: magnesium issue. Sorry for bad advice! Good luck!
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    Strategies for delaying flowering in auto

    Oh you are OP thats funny
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    Strategies for delaying flowering in auto

    Balls I was speaking about was yours “master”. I do not give a smallest fuck about you, your grow or your language. All sucks anyway.
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    Strategies for delaying flowering in auto

    I did not want to put op down, just honestly saying the truth. Yeah I know I should probably use neither…nor but did not want to edit so Thank you for you correction I really apreciate that. English is not my first language and I am glad that ppl here accept that, you are the first one who...
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    Should i harvest now?

    You have month left at least
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    Strategies for delaying flowering in auto

    This is actually pretty stupid thread. He wants to grow them more coz hes noob who cant veg plants and decided to grow autos… why just not growing foto and flip when you want? Anyway you wont be able finish either auto or foto if you have issues in veg.
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    what is wrong with these ladies...

    Even more weird is that RO plus nutrients is 6,8
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    what is wrong with these ladies...

    But if you know the pH is right than its weird for me. Order of mixing nutrients?