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  • Wrong guy to ask. I pay so little attention. I got a box square bag of this growing medium from the hydro store. Something about saphroum? & what not. I don't think there's any actual soil in it.
    For nuiets Im using molasses, Some muskie emulsion, some Shultz bloom fert, & Nova something. I put about a table spoon of each of those 4 things in a 2 liter bottle. Shake em up & split that between the 2 plants. I then water with about 2 litters of clear water. It pools in the bottom but I think it get sucked up as its needed. I burned my first plants all to hell so Im pretty conscience of over feeding.
    I only grow for hobby & personal use. I may actually pay more attention with my next grow in a few months. They certainly seem to be doing ok :)

    Thanks for the compliment by the way.
    Man your pics look amazing in your indoor grow thread, What soil and nutes you using?
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