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  • Hey buddy it's been a while How are ya? Sorry i've been busy with shit. check my new thread out let me know what you think.Hope to hear from ya soon. later OFTR.
    Hmmm. From what I have read in the help part of the forum is that it has something to do with me being a noob here, lol.
    I have to keep hydro on my mind when I think about giving advice for your grow. It will be easier when I see your setup. Since you probably already have an open water (res) or at least rockwool cubes exposed then the wall fan on should help to raise the humidity a bit and keep the girls happy. As they grow they will add quite a bit of humidity too! It won't be long until your trying to remove it. So again don't worry about humidity at this point. :) good job on your acquisition of the purple kush.
    It's fine. What are your temps? Still hanging around 75? I wouldn't worry about your humidity they'll be fine. Your "purp kush" babies, I assume are rooted already? How are they hanging out (getting accumulated to the new place)? If you really want to raise the humidity you can try turning down the exhaust fan a bit or place an open container of water with a wick in it. I think you might want to keep the wall fan on low.
    my humidity is hanging arround 41% so i turned off my wall mount fan and turned down my exhaust should i be worried?? i would like it to be at 50 % +??what do you think ..
    thanks worked awesome i tried to start a new threat this morning but it wouldnt let me post pic's??? somtning about a token or tracker anyway got 6 purp kush my bro said it is a easy strain?
    I don't have personal experience with growing in rockwool. I do understand they are of a high pH and need to be pre-soaked with about a 5.5pH plain water and then flushed.
    Hope the below helps some. Good Luck!

    Getting Started with Rockwool

    1) Adjust the pH of water to 5.5. (NO LOWER).
    2) If soaking A-Ok plugs, Macroplugs, or Miniblocks, mix in a little bit of plant food (no more than ¼ strength). Then just dip the starter in this pH 5.5 mix and it's ready for the seed or cutting.
    3) For all other Grodan products- SOAK, FLUSH, and then PLANT! Soak in plain water (pH 5.5) for 1/2 an hour (longer if soaking granulate).
    4) Flush through with pH 5.5 water mixed with some plant food. Make sure the flushed water goes to waste, then plant into your prepared Grodan block, slab, growcubes™, or granulate!
    *Thanks to Grodan for use of above material on pre-soaking.
    i feel like a dipshit.. but i will have some tommrow i wanted to get some from my buddy but looks like he won't be in town for a week or so i'm driving to oakland tommrow to a club fuk it ill shoot you some pics im growing in rockwol what do you know about preping the cubes? as far as soaking them before transplant? sory bro i have so many questions i cant even type fast enough ha ha .. hit me up if you get time thanks .
    Good to hear. How long do you think before switching the "six-pack girls" over to 12/12? Looking forward to learning more about your setup and hanging out to watch the progress and helping if I can.
    man everything is good fan on 24-7 night temps 65 with 50% humidity day temps 75 with 50% humidity it should rise a bit when plants are in. i should get a six pack tonight if not tommrow im going to a club and getting some i'll hit you up tommrow later.
    man i had a problem with the 24 hr timer it kept hanging up so i sent it back to the shop it was a c.a.p. cgc-1e i should receive a new one in the next few days ill hit you up when i drop some plants in early next week or this weekend. thanks bro
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