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    Are we there?

    Sure will
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    Are we there?

    2 weeks
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    64 Days in flower

    Let the yellow leaves stay until they dry and if you give them a light pull and they don’t come of leave it
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    64 Days in flower

    Minimum 3 weeks
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    Wondering what deficiencies I’m starting to get.

    You got any light leaks? Looks to be reveging
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    Useful Seeds

    Yeah I start my count down when I see the first pistils, gives me more patience
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    Useful Seeds

    And pheno 2 is straight sweet berry with cd on the back
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    Useful Seeds

    8 1/2 weeks today dds pheno #1, I’ve grown gelato x cd and the cd has a special odor too it. This one has it bu with a heavy and I mean heavy berry almost strawberry smell.
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    Greenpoint seeds!!

    is this three weeks of flower?
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    Useful Seeds

    Just cracked open a month cure jar...omg shit smokes :fire::fire::fire:
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    Bad Dog Genetics

    Your guys website suck, I forgot my password and shit so my pure Michigan got put back because of it:wall:
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Smells like grape lime now n laters if they made them
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    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Humboldt csi purple sherb 6 1/2 weeks