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    Individual seed orders - Canada Cheers.
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    Anyone get hummingbirds on their tomato cages?

    The highlight of our short summer for me is watching the hummers. Nothing growing in the yard for them so I have a feeder up. The youngsters are well into flight training !
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    vac seal in jar

    The second bag is sealing it completely. Even a freezer bag is going to leak a little and it doesn't take much to puncture it. And the air that is left in the first bag is much less that what is in a mason jar. I suck out as much as I can (with my mouth) ;) I don't mean to rain on your parade...
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    vac seal in jar

    The point is long term storage with as little degradation as possible. Cheers.
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    vac seal in jar

    There is minimal air in the first bag and the point is to prevent crushing/compacting the buds.. Cheers.
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    vac seal in jar

    To clarify, you place the freezer bag inside of the vacuum bag and them apply vacuum and seal. Cheers.
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    Canada growers thread

    Thank you for this, much more helpful than an off hand comment with no explanation ! I guess I got lucky with my free seeds :weed: Looking forward to the True North Seeds experience ! Cheers.
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    Canada growers thread

    Just getting back into growing after more than twenty years off. Now that it's legal I remember how much fun it is ! I am curious, are you trashing Crop Kings because of a personal experience or is this just your opinion ? Short story, in the mid 80's a friend was on holiday in San...
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    Canada growers thread

    You might have seen these images before > Crop King Seeds Early Miss Auto > 13.2 oz. White Widow and Black Indica > 6.9 oz and 7.6 oz Yeah, they suck ! Not.... Cheers, eh ?
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    Canada growers thread

    Uh, why not ? Cheers.
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    Canada growers thread

    Greetings, Prairie guy here... Last year I grew an Early Miss auto from CropKings. It was a beast, he, he, and knocks my socks off ! Finished a grow a couple of months ago, also CropKing seeds > White Widow and Black Indica. The seeds were a gift from a friend so no experience with...
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    Grinder or No Grinder?

    Early days with the Titan Crusher but so far, so good :cool: Holding off on ordering a Perfect Cut Grinder but I do like the fact that both the top and bottom are attached with magnets, no unscrewing ! I don't want to seperate the kief so I removed the screen... $30 Cdn off Amazon...
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    Reflective walls

    Tin foil and a staple gun ! Cheers.
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    Revegging flowering clones ?

    And at 29 days.. BTW > watering with Mega Crop, used the recommended amount for seedlings/veg. Weighed it and cut it in half. Can't remember the weight now but it worked out to three quarters of a 1/4 teaspoon measuring cup for 2.5 L. My well water is 500ppm, the mix is 620ppm, 50 drops of...
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    Herb grinders and the kief catcher

    Fess up, how many of you have removed the kief catcher screen on your grinder to get a larger catch volume ? Shopping for my first grinder, I want to smoke the whole bud so the screen seems to be a waste of volume... Thinking of just going for a Brilliant Cut grinder, I like that there are no...