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  • Hi there. I was going to make a batch of tootsie rolls tomorrow and remember you mentioning it on docs page. I made coconut oil with flower. How much oil do you put in the melted rolls? Its my first time to make coconut oil so I'm not sure.
    curious old fart
    curious old fart
    I don't have any experience with coconut oil. I used an everclear wash to make the oil and added that to the softened tootsies
    its been too long since I said hi, and thank you as always for being your wonderful self. I hope and pray all is well with you, still think of you often. things moving for positive changes for me... and maybe back into my hobbie next year. Much love TLD
    pleasure to run them mate, think the Casey will stick around. Heard there was a bit drama about the S.C name, blah blah, im popping them next ;-) Stick in pal
    hea auld yin, just to ask when you usually take the Extrema and Casey at, as in time. Could the Extreama riddle the other plants with pollen with they nanner's, they looked late immature flowers at that. Must say again im super stoked on the Casey pheno :-)
    hey cof, i cleared my inbox, hope you are well. hard to keep up with the posts over in 600 :eyesmoke: grow is going nicely, kush sure has plumped up and the ex cheese needs propped up more and more as the weeks go by, these are good problems
    thanks for the tip on the tomato food COF you are right they are mostly sativas and i didn't really think about that aspect of the bulk issue. i like the sativa high myself. i have master kush starting to bud and it appears to have much more indica then the ex cheese or brasil so hopefully i can get this right soon :-) the temp is good in there, i use a window unit a/c and large oscillating fan to cool the closet. i can get some extraction going on like D said if need be tho. i just hate to blow it out into my office :eyesmoke:
    Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my tread. I'm just curious how old is an old? lol cuz I just turned 50.
    take care
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