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  • Thanks for the kind words. Our Jillybean and CheeseQuake phenos continue to blow patients away and are my favorite TGA so far. Running more strains though and hoping to get my journals going again as well. Be well :-)
    HI DAbumps, i need a question answered soon as i can. my girls nearing end of her life, is it right for the leaves to yellow and some get purple tips on sugar leaves, most of trichs are cloudy and hairs at 80% but the main colas still have some new white pistils should i wait for them to turn red also to try build calyxes as much as can? or wont it gain much. Soil based grow, organic nutes..THANK YOU;)
    Hey, River City Phoenix in Sac had some cuts of all the strains listed and more. If you are in the area, check with them. They seem to have new clones available at least once a week
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