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  • 1. Will 6" Grodan Hugo cubes suffice for 3' plants?
    2. Ideally, what is the best number of plants to grow with my equipment?
    3. Would you recommend using a trellis, and if so at what height above the cubes?
    4. How tall would you veg the plants before putting them into flower to keep the tallest ones around 3' tall? (I plan on topping one time and the strains are hybrids)
    5. Any other tips or advice for my scenario?
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    1. The 6"blocks will work just fine . I use them all the time .
    2. You can grow 6 to 9 plants in a 3x3 tray . The more elbow room , the better . With a 7 foot height limit to work with , more shorter plants will give best results .
    3. Using a trellis depends on your grow area . I like them but I just use string and thumb tacks to hold the ladies up . They will start to get heavy at start of week 5 .
    4. I would veg plants from 12" to 16" .
    5. I will get back with you to give you more tips soon .
    Awesome, thanks so much, your reply was very helpful!!
    Hi Dadio. I want to try rockwool for the first time and stumbled across your posts and impressive results. Also a fan of the Dobie Gillis TV series LOL. I own a 3x3 tray with a 600w HPS light + 20 gallon res. My ceiling height is only 7', so my plant height limit is roughly 3'. I have 5 questions that I'll post in a separate message, I'd appreciate your input, thank you in advance if you're willing to help me out.
    I wont pass out your address good sir I promise. Thank you for all the information I shall start adding to my lists and researching more of the things you said. I will definatly start emailing you. Thanks for all the help and support thus far man. I really do appreciate it.
    My lights are out for the night but I can measure tomorrow. You will need a drill motor and a hole saw. I will find a link for fill / drain. Any brand of a digital ballast should work. I now use a Phantom . I do recommend an insulated hood tho. The glass really helps and you can hook up vent hoses. I also recommend at least two oscillating fans to keep air moving. To cut PVC pipe for the table , I used a hand saw. When ordering nutes , don't forget to get some PH down. You shouldn't need PH UP. I keep my closet temp in control by leaving the door open during the day. We will need to figure out something for your tent as you need to stay stealthy. A temp gauge is good too .
    Also thanks for the reply my calculated total so far for even the light set up and tents etc. Nutes and what not is around 1200. that gives me $400 more room for anything else I may need. Should I get a PPM, PH, and temp gauge for 200? Maybe 2 or 3 fans. What about keeping the temp at around 80 - 85$ Im worried the inside of the tent may become too hot or too humid. Im worried about the mold and plants lol,
    (Continued) Im going to make my table a bit bigger but thats just in case for expanding. The closet im using is about triple the size in the one you used to build yours so I have quite a bit of room. I just wonder how im going to hang the lights in the grow tent lol. Also I wont need any tools like a drill or anything? PVC assembly and what not haha.
    No not yet, Trying to make sure I finalize a plan and list then I shall start purchasing. Im also waiting until my income tax comes in. I was thinking of doing 6 plants at first then moving to maybe 8 or 10 in the future. (Depending on how much customers and purchases i make. I understand im fully prepared to order anything and wait until it gets here. Time is no issue at all. I would like to get the grow tray you have in fact i would like to mimic as much of everything you have to detail. Your pictures show no lie and neither do your threads I can recognize wisdom and quality selection when I see it haha. What kind of fill/drain tubes would I need could you perhaps link me to some that are similar or at least a few pictures so I know what to look for.
    I'm back.
    Okay , have you bought anything yet? How many plants were you thinking of growing for your first go ? Some things that you decide on that you cant get locally might need to be ordered from Amazon.
    The grow tray like I have can get pricey but you can substitute a large cement mixing tray from Home Depot for a lot less. You might need to order the fill / drain tubes. You can use a plastic tote for a reservoir. If you like , you can do one tray or two smaller ones. Tables can be customized after you decide .
    Oh no problem at all. No rush or anything haha. I hope to hear from you whenever it is most convenient. Im going to relax with the wife so i'll be off for a bit as well. I can't wait to hear the idea's you have. I am in love with your system too. Reading through your grow. Im SO inspired now thank you so much! Really I can't express enough gratitude. :]
    lol . Glad you like the system I use . Most of the materials you will need can be purchased at Home Depot. I have a few things I need to tend to (family) but I will get back to you in a little bit. This will give you a chance to read a little more. I can get you a few different ideas to customize your grow op , and make it cost effective. luv your enthusiasm.
    Ok im going to copy all your items and lights. My question is did you get all your supplies from just a hardware store, Home depot/Lowes? What are some of the tools like I.e. a drill/ Saw. Also how do I prepare the Rockwool boxes. Also where do I add the nutes, The reservoir itself? Also just some help with the timers and pumps. Thanks in advance for all the help and patience, and sorry for the spam. :/
    Also if i do get the tent. Search gorilla grow tent 4' x 4' by super closet. Would that work with your build? Also Any recommendations for ventilation in such an enclosed environment? I can use extension cords and still build everything even the light as your specs show. I just need some imput on ventilation, humidifier? Also temp control and as for light. Should I use a 1000w HPS for veg? What changes of light from Veg to flower. Im sorry if im flooding you lol im just really excited.

    Wise words, Though Since I must do this in secrecy the only thing i am changing up is purchasing a gorilla grow tent to put in the closet. It is not even legal here to smoke.. (Ohio) So selling and all is a risk. So i want stealth and secrecy. What I don't understand is how the boxes the plants are in work? Whats in the boxes? i feel so noob it's insane lol. Also what are the tools I will need since money is not an issue for this build.
    some people use Co2 to help their grow but I feel that if you use a couple fans , that will be all you need. Keep it simple. The less complicated your system is , the less there is to go wrong.
    Yeee hoooo!!! Thank you so much im glad to have your assistance. I am going to look through your pages again and start reading fully and gathering a list of items. I hope a 1600$ Budget will do lol. By the way whats with Co2 Control. That is something I don't fully understand yet. lol
    Would you be a mentor to me, and show me how to grow as you have and build such a similar system. Would I be able to grow any strain i'd like? Also maybe some support incase something does go wrong?
    Former Cops here too. Vince Carter was perfect. Tough enough to sell but a good guy. Semper Fi and thanks!
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