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  • Here we are 10 weeks later and you were right. Oakland Organics was the best of the 4 strains I got by far, "Green Ribbon", a green crack x nobody knows. This next one is ALL Cherry Pie. What do you think about Cherry Pie? These clones were gotten from a private clone guy who had been mothering them for over a year. 1 week veg so far so good.
    tbh I don't even keep track of ppms anymore. I've been using the same rez's for so long I just know how much of what to put in. I will tell you blue dream is a really light feeder compared to OG's. It'll drink a lot more water and get it's nutrients that way.
    Hey Dan, I just read that thread about cherry pie and ball sacks all the way through. I had a really shit year after picking up some super sour og from harborside that hermed out on me last summer and have been playing the strain game lately. I just picked up some alien og, blue dream, and a cherry pie that i was gonna mother out (probably not the cherry pie anymore). Currently got some grape ape going but I'm definitely gonna start blue dream and alien og and was wondering if you had any other tips for the alien og besides going 9+ weeks and low nutes with the extra long flush for the blue dream. Is there a ppm I should be aiming for with the blue dream?
    Oakland Organics = winning. General rule (not perfect reasoning, but good enough) Check out dispensary menus. What ever strains are consistently selling for the most money are what you should be growing.
    Hey Dan, I'm in the Berkeley area. Getting my first hydro setup going right now, did soil before. Where should I get my clones? I hear really good and really bad things all over the place. And what strains would you suggest for a beginner like me?

    Thanks, man.
    i already have 2 gsc thin mint cuts and now have a chance to get the platinum cut? what do you think?? should i get it?
    Hi Dan, I just got my computer back. If you can clean out your inbox please, Id like to send you a line ;)
    I am thank you, only one person is behind all this hahaha I am worried I would have to get a restraining order and to think I met him on here!!!!
    I never threated to give out anything, they are totally twisting the story!!! I just said I had it, I would never hurt anyone!!!!!!!!! Matt Know this!!!!
    I got your back Dan, don't get too upset. You are fighting a sociopathic narcissist, logic and reason will not succeed. And if you don't like it I'll sue your ass!!
    Lol. What a dick. You offer to listen and...All he says is that?? LOL

    And "I'll have my attorney take care of it."

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