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    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    He blocked me too and I don't think I've ever even commented, I probably liked a comment like yours about him needing to get laid and he went thru the likes and blocked everyone lol
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    Useful Seeds

    We gotta bump this to page 669 before 4/20 is over stat
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    LIt Farms

    That's the pack I snagged the nutcracker, idk when I'll be able to run it tho
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    bodhi seeds

    Just ordered Wonder Wookie and Snow Monkey freebie for first bodhi gear from jbc
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    Wow It's Settled for me....dwc GSC vs Soil GSC.....not even close....

    Ah I've been eyeing that rozay, not familiar with #1 stunna I'll have to check it out
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    Wow It's Settled for me....dwc GSC vs Soil GSC.....not even close....

    Well idk what's going on here tbh, I'd just like to say, beautiful healthy ladies you got there. What strains are you running if you don't mind ?
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    Good news bad news

    Like everyone else said, seedlings started indoors need to be hardened off before being brought outdoors. If they started life outdoors to begin with they will be fine though.
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    We've all been there man, welcome to RIU, plenty of golden nuggets of info to be found, good luck!
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    Relax brother it's fine lol, if you're stressing this hard over a seedling that hasn't even fully sprouted you're in for a rough time
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    Green line organics seed bank

    He does seem like an odd fella, the few transactions I made recently all went thru just fine. About a week and a half from pay to my mailbox
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    Not sure, male or female?

    Also to answer your question, it's hard to tell in the pics but it looks like pollen sacks forming, so male, but not 100% better pics could help
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    Useful Seeds

    I must not be on the newsletter anymore from DC I haven't gotten an email in quite awhile
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    All Day, Everyday Tokers. What gets you?

    I take dry out breaks all the time, sometimes randomly go weeks without, it's nice
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    bodhi seeds

    Yeah used to get bud that smelled just like dank salami, was one of the only strains I've had where I couldn't stand the smell
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    Useful Seeds

    Idk how I haven't scooped up some useful genetics yet. I've been meaning to get my hands on some. I've lurked here for a bit, and @Useful Seeds you seem like an absolute stand up guy. Not even talking about this recent give away tbh, seeing your random acts of kindness make me want to buy your...